Ajour and CurseBreaker Addon Managers No Longer Maintained


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Jul 16, 2009
Ajour and CurseBreaker Addon Managers No Longer Maintained
Casperstorm (the developer of Ajour) and AcidWeb (the developer of CurseBreaker) have announced that the addon managers will no longer be maintainted due to Overwolf's new restrictions to the CurseForge API.
Originally Posted by Casperstorm (Ajour Developer)
I started working on Ajour in summer 2020. The goal was simple: I wanted the easiest and fastest way to update and download all of your addons for World of Warcraft. The timing was good; Curse had just been sold to Overwolf, Shadowlands was about to be released, and Classic was popular.

I spent many hours building Ajour, and luckily @tarkah and @mlablah joined to help me early in the project. Together we created what I believe is one of the best addon managers ever. And on top of that, I made some new best friends.

In late 2020 Overwolf posted about their stance on third-party addon managers. The short version is that since Overwolf earns their money from ads and user data, they wanted the users to use their application rather than third-party addon managers. However, they weren't sure exactly what their plan was, so for the time being, they kept the API open as it always has been.

Fast forward to the present time. Overwolf now knows what they want to do. They will deprecate the current API and create a new API where downloads do not count towards the CurseForge Reward Program—essentially splitting the community by turning addon developers against third-party addon managers. In addition, they will rate limit third-party addon managers if one becomes too popular oh, and not all addons will be available over the API.

What does this mean for Ajour? Well, it kills my motivation, and it kills my vision for Ajour. I don't want to fight with Overwolf (anymore). It's not worth it. Overwolf has all the data which makes Ajour work, and currently, they are pulling the rug under us.
We had a good run, but now it's time for the team and me to pull the plug rather than obey their new rules and turn Ajour into something worse.

Thank you all for helping shape Ajour into what it is today. Users, supporters, contributors. To every one of you, thanks.


What happens now?

  • Nothing. Feel free to use Ajour until it breaks.

What should I do?

  • Ajour will work until the current API is turned off, when is unknown. The other third-party addon managers is relying on the same API but some might take the on the fight, so make sure to check them out: WowUp by @jliddev, Instawow by @layday or CurseBreaker by @AcidWeb - all good friends of mine. I hope the best for them, but the future is not bright.

Originally Posted by AcidWeb (CurseBreaker Developer)
Due to upcoming CurseForge API changes I plan to discontinue this project as I don't believe it can fulfill its purpose anymore.

Two main reasons:

  • Entire point of this application is to aggregate multiple sources in one client. Without access to the full CF catalog, the vast number of addons will no longer be available.
  • If downloads made by third-party solutions don't generate Rewards Points anymore I can no longer with clear conscious recommend using a third-party updater.

So what now?

CurseBreaker will be maintained until the old API is still working. Expect breakage in the first quarter of 2022.

This is a part where I should recommend using other third-party updaters (like WoWUP, Instawow or Ajour) but I strongly believe they will have the same problem as me so... Maybe it is time just to stop using CurseForge altogether.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

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