BlizzCon 2019 - Art of Diablo IV Panel Recap


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Jul 16, 2009
BlizzCon 2019 - Art of Diablo IV Panel Recap

  • General Concept
    • The art in Diablo is more grounded and realistic.
    • The team was inspired by medieval art.
    • They want to present magic in a lower fantasy way with Diablo IV.
    • Andariel is returning in Diablo IV and they got to re-imagine her for this version.
  • Character Models
    • They wanted to make more grounded and realistic characters.
    • New to Diablo IV is the appearance system, which lets you choose from different customization optopns such as hair styles, ethnicities, scars and jewelry.
    • Class legendaries have looks that are inspired by the class that uses it.
    • Character artists also make the weapon and npc models.
  • Animation
    • Animation team wanted to keep the fluid and fast combat from previous Diablo games, but developed some new technology to do so.
    • Characters have a running stop animation.
    • There are layered turns to show weight shift when turning around.
    • Uphill and downhill runs are now animations that happen seamlessly.
    • 4 Legged creatures have much more natural movement than previous games.
    • They have added layered combat, which is more readible on screen.
  • Visual Effects
    • You can seamlessly shapeshift from one form to the next by using your different abilities as a Druid.
    • The team is using motion blur to show force, power, and speed in a more grounded way.
    • Dynamic lighting is being used on spell effects.
    • They can now put weather in the spell effects, seen with the Druid.
    • Death animations are tied to skills, and so you'll see different enemy death animations based on the attack you use.
    • Boss death animations are unique as well, such as Ashava's chest exploding upon death.
  • Environments
    • Medieval Scotland was the inspiration for Scosglen.
    • The team collects information of real world areas and uses them in their in-game biomes.
  • Lighting
    • The team took a very naturalistic approach to lighting in Diablo IV.
    • The new engine can take a tile set and gut the lighting completely.
    • They use a lot of black depth fog.
  • Q and A
    • There will be an equal amount of class appearances for each class.
    • Your character will be in cutscenes.
    • There will be class item sets that change your character's appearance.
    • There is a lot of rain in Diablo IV where it makes sense. Dynamic weather is used.
    • A game art portfolio should have wire frames and under the hood models.
    • The team discusses if certain things are too dark a lot.

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