BlizzConline 2021 - World of Warcraft Q&A Panel


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Jul 16, 2009
BlizzConline 2021 - World of Warcraft Q&A Panel
The WoW team is answering questions on World of Warcraft! This post will update as questions are answered.

  • The Story in Chains of Domination
    • The relationship between the Jailer, Sylvanas, and Anduin is the core of Shadowlands' story.
    • The Jailer was looking for Anduin because they needed a hero with his qualities to get an audience with the Archon in Bastion.
    • Uther recognized the power of the Maw on some level when Anduin passed by him, which is why he touches his wound in the trailer.
    • The confrontation with Sylvanas at the end of Sanctum of Domination will be one of the most epic raid moments in raiding history.
    • The Archon survives her wound. They tried to show this by having her hand move after the event in the trailer.
    • Sire Denathrius
      • The voice actor's performance for Sire Denathrius caused Steve to want to keep him alive. This is why he is trapped at the end of the raid instead of killed.
      • He might have allies that want to liberate him from that sword.
    • Time doesn't really mean anything in the realm of death as it's eternity.
    • Bolvar will still be front and center in Chains of Domination. He is a pillar to rally around in Shadowlands.
    • The story of those lost at Teldrassil is not yet done. Tyrande is still out for vengeance for her people.
  • Burning Crusade Classic
    • You will decide if your character moves to Burning Crusade upon logging in on pre-patch.
    • If you choose to stay in Classic Era, your character will look inactive until you install Classic Era, which will then give you access to your character on the Classic Era version of your server.
    • You also have a paid option to make a copy of your character to keep in Classic Era while also moving on to Burning Crusade.
    • Your name will be saved for both server options. If there are server connections they will likely play out like in modern wow having names with servers attached.
    • The team wants to address faction imbalance in BC Classic with small changes such as Paladin seals being available to both factions.
    • Summoning Stones will be introduced with BC Classic as they were added originally in the expansion.
    • PvP titles will be awarded to only a top percentage of players per region.
    • They will not be added any fresh start servers for their timeline of Burning Crusade Classic, but it is something they have been talking about once the launch is successful.
    • Layering will be used much in the same way for Classic's launch.
  • Customization in Shadowlands
    • There are no plans right now to add more race/class combinations in Shadowlands, but never say never.
    • The team will add more customization options in the future for races that didn't get as much in Shadowlands.
    • More heritage armor will be added in the near future while some might still be further off.
  • The Pandemic
    • While it took some time to implement working from home, the team is happy to be able to continue to bring people together through the game during times of isolation.
  • Faction Imbalance
    • The faction imbalance has become a social issue that will likely require a social solution and it is a top priority for the team.
    • They don't quite have a way to address it yet, but recognize it is a problem that needs to be addressed.
    • The faction balance is actually pretty even when it comes to amount of players. It is only for participation in high-end activities that skews majorly to Horde.
    • Ion says "never say never" in regards to the option of letting Horde and Alliance play together eventually.
    • There is still faction identity when selecting which faction you identify with and not having to worry about cutting yourself off from your friends.
  • Server Connections in Modern WoW
    • The team paused the process when Shadowlands launched because the expansion had a huge effect on server populations.
    • The team will continue to use server connections once server populations become a notable issue.
  • Anima
    • There will be new sources of anima added in Chains of Domination.
    • The anima system cosmetic rewards are designed to be an expansion-wide reward system.
    • The team will always address reward amounts if they feel it needs to be altered.
  • Auction House
    • There won't be a return of the entire mobile auction house app, but they are thinking of creating a way to get resources for raiding and such prior to raid from mobile.
  • Flying in Shadowlands
    • You cannot fly directly from zone to zone. You will still need to use the a flight path to enter a zone.
    • Pathfinder is account-wide and your alts will be able to fly at level 50 once unlocked.
  • Torghast
    • The team will continue to add Anima Powers and new content to Torghast.
    • They also plan to address any classes that still struggle with Torghast.
  • 10-Man Content
    • 10-player raiding exists outside of mythic difficulty.
    • Megadungeons are supposed to fill the roll of challenging small group content.
  • Wandering Ancient Mount
    • The Wandering Ancient will be available with Patch 9.0.5.
    • You will receive the mount simply for owning Shadowlands.

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