Blue Tweets - Phasing in Nazjatar, Changes to Rare Mobs in Nazjatar and Mechagon


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Jul 16, 2009

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Can you please do something about the phasing in Nazjatar? It's incredibly frustrating to join a group for the pvp event only to not be phased to it, no matter the relogs, teleports or other things done to try and force it.
Apologies for the frustrations. We’re actively investigating and working on solutions. Thank you for your patience and reports. (WarcraftDevs)
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Here are some other issues we're working on quickly:

(1/3) We’re increasing the health of all of the lowest-health rare spawns in both Nazjatar and Mechagon, to help more players get a chance to hit them before they die. They also scale in health faster as more players tap them. (WarcraftDevs)

(2/3) We’re making "Dangerous Creatures" only require 1 rare, and we’re fixing a bug where some rare spawns didn’t give quest credit. Combined with the above change, it should be a lot easier to complete. (WarcraftDevs)

(3/3) World Quest bosses in Nazjatar will no longer show up with a silver dragon portrait. After this hotfix, is should be easier to tell what’s a boss for a World Quest and what’s a true rare spawn. (WarcraftDevs)

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