Dragonflight Alpha - Thaldraszus Questline Preview


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Jul 16, 2009
Dragonflight Alpha - Thaldraszus Questline Preview
is the final zone that players get to experience in the Dragonflight expansion. In this post, we'll quickly go over the zone questline and highlight important events. Story Spoilers Below!

Valdrakken, City of Dragons

  • The story of this zone starts at the conclusion of the Azure Span. Kalecgos wants you to meet him at the Seat of the Aspects atop the dragon stronghold of Valdrakken in Thaldraszus.
  • There, Kalecgos explains the events of the Azure Span to the other aspects. They become concerned that the Primalists may be prowling within the city and need to be found and driven out.
  • You search the city for infiltrators and discover that the Primalists are attacking Commander Eranog's Garrison at South Hold.

  • There, you assist Guardian Velomir in finding lost comrades and defeating Primalist forces.
  • After collecting materials from the Magmasworn camps, you use a ballista to take out their flying drake forces before reconvening with Velomir.
  • You search a lookout tower for the missing commander. Here you discover that Commander Eranog is willingly allowing the Primalists to sack the gate in return for the powers contained within a magically burning stone given to him by the Primalist drake Magmatalon.
  • Magmatalon shatters the stone, transforming Eranog into a flame covered monster. Eranog leaves to go meet his new "masters" as Magmatalon vows to burn what remains of the garrison to ash.
  • Velomir has you slay Magmatalon to prevent the garrison from being destroyed, and you then recovene with Captain Drine back in Valdrakken to let her know what has transpired.

Time Management

  • Nozdormu then alerts you that a time anomaly is threatening the isles and he has sent Chromie to the Shifting Sands to correct the flows and return us to the one true timeline. You are tasked with helping her.
  • Chromie tells you that an Infinite Dragon is trying to corrupt the Bronze Oathstone in the Temporal Conflux. If anything happens to it, it would cause a massive upheaval in the timeways. This could potentially leads to Murozond, and so she will hold off the drake while you help Dante below.
  • Andantenormu is a bronze drake in the form of a Tauren. He wants you to find a new Timewalker recruit who has gone missing in the valley.
  • You find Siszerathel winded from having just escaped some crazed bears. After retrieving her gear for her, you are then tasked with getting some Temporal Collectors from the area while charging her staff with time energy from slain wildlife.
  • Back at the Shifting Sands, Dante wants to teach you how to be a Timewalker. During the process, there is a backfire in the timeways that sends you to the past in the Northern Barrens. Dante comes through a timeway to retrieve you, and warns you that wielding time magic improperly can have serious consequences.

  • Dante then explains that various time periods have been crossing over into ours in the valley. He wants you to collect temporal residue from enemies to study. Siaszrathel joins you to help close time rifts with her staff.
  • Closing the final rift causes a drake with a male Nightborne visage to come through. His name is Aoenormu.
  • Back at camp, he explains that he and other Timewalkers were pulled into these time fissures and brought to a timeline much like ours, but in chaos with few left to save. He doesn't know where the others are, and suggests you train further to help.

  • You train further with the staff by assisting bronze drakes with the time anomalies, and then recovene with Chromie at the Temporal Conflux platforms.
  • There, Chromie is holding Eternus in a time bubble to buy time. She asks you to empower the staff further while freeing Timewalkers.
  • You then use the staff to free the wardens and destroy a large time elemental.
  • With the threat dealt with, all that is left is to release Eternus and and deal with her. When freed, Chromie and Eternus fight, clashing bronze and infinite magics and tossing them into an uncontrolled trip through the timestream.

Big Time Adventurer

  • Nozdormu shows up and says that the two must be found as their clash is ripping through the fabric of time itself. He has you gather your allies, and then explains that he has located a moment in time where we can find them.
  • You travel with your companions to the Primalist Tomorrow timeline. You must rescue bronze drakes while killing Primalists and use a Chrono Crystal on Chromie and Eternus. They are then sent into a new timeline and you return to Nozdormu in the present.
  • Next, you must journey to a past timeline called Azmerloth, which is a version of Dragonblight where Murlocs reign supreme.
  • You kill some murlocs with the help of friendly faction murlocs and even the Murloc version of you. Then, you must get in the Hopper vehicle to help kill Deathwingurlugulll, which is obviously the murloc version of Deathwing.
  • You then return to the present and let Nozdormu know what happened.

  • Chromie has been located and you are sent to the Gnoll war in Elwynn Forest. You literally race through time and through three different timelines (Gnoll War, The War of the Shifting Sands, and the Pandaren Revolution) before entering the Black Empire.
  • You find the two drakes, who have come to a truce, and defend them from minions of N'Zoth while they open a portal back to the present.
  • Nozdormu allows Eternus to go since she helped fix the problem she started. As she leaves, she states that the time of Murozond is nigh.
  • With the timeline and Oathstone restored, Nozdormu tells you to return to Valdrakken to let Alexstrasza know what has transpired.

The Mother Oathstone

  • With the Oathstones secured, Alexstrasza can now activate the Mother Oathstone at Tyrhold. Koranos describes that the guardians will be reawakened there and can't guarantee if they will be friendly or not.
  • On the cliffs of Tyrhold, Alexstrasza says that activating the Oathstone will give the aspects back their powers. You are asked to assist here, but the stone doesn't react. Raszageth arrives and mocks Alexstrasza before leaving to resurrect the Incarnates. Alexstrasza gives chase and you are forced to deal with a Primalist Protodrake named Ezrigeth.
  • After, Nozdormu arrives and laments that timeways will bend to a dark future if Raszageth succeeds before their powers are restored. He begs you to find Alexstrasza.
  • You find her just outside the entrance to the Vault of the Incarnates raid where she vows to stop Raszageth.

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