Dragonflight Alpha - The Waking Shores Questline Preview


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Jul 16, 2009
Dragonflight Alpha - The Waking Shores Questline Preview
The Waking Shores is the first zone that players get to experience in the Dragonflight expansion. In this post, we'll quickly go over the zone questline and highlight important events. Story Spoilers Below!

The Dragon Isles Await

  • As we arrive on the Wild Coast, we are greeted by the Dragonscale Expedition and join them to explore the Waking Shores.
  • We defeat the proto dragons that have been attacking the camp and advance to the Wingrest Embassy.

  • Cadet Sendrax of the Valdrakken Accord greets us and mentions that Wrathion and Majordomo Selistra are late to the party.
  • We help Ambassador Fastrasz restore the embassy and then we sign the Embassy Visitor Log.

  • We convince Sentrax to use an emergency signal flare to alert the dragons of our arrival, and shortly, Wrathion and Majordomo Selistra show up.
  • Selistra, the majordomo of Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, turns out to be a red dragon that chose a vulpera visage for appearance.
  • Before getting to meet Alexstrasza at the Life Pools, our assistance is required at a nearby outpost that has been recently attacked.

Dragons in Distress

  • In the next chapter of the Waking Shores we deal with the djaradin, a race of elemental half-giants that have awoken from their slumber.
  • We liberate the Dragonheart Outpost of the djaradin, save whelplings, and then meet Wrathion and Majordomo Selistra at Scalecracker Keep.

  • We defeat the ringleader of the Dragonheart Outpost attacks and find out that the djaradin have been scheming to take over the Obsidian Citadel (the Black Dragonflight's seat of power).

  • We advance towards the west, help injured guards and finally find Sendrax in the Life-Binder Conversatory ruins.
  • A cinematic plays out: "A massive primalist proto-dragon drops off stolen red dragonflight eggs and orders the primalists to infuse them with elemental power."
  • All seems lost as the dragon eggs have all been infused, but with Sendrax's help and sacrifice, we manage to save one pristine dragon egg.

In Defensive of Life

  • In the third chapter of the storyline we bring the pristine dragon egg to Alexstrasza at the Ruby Lifeshrine and tell her of what happened.
  • We learn that the Red Dragonflight was charged with nurturing life, and see how they take care of different types of dragon eggs. We also get to help a red whelpling complete its training!
  • Lord Andestrasz introduces us to Dragonriding and we get to learn our first dragonriding mount, the Renewed Proto-Drake.

  • Raszageth and her Primalists suddenly attack the Ruby Lifeshrine, but we're here and ready to stop them.
  • We go to the Flashfrost Enclave to deal with the proto-dragons and rescue dragon eggs stolen by the Primalists.
  • A cinematic plays out after defeating Jadzigeth (one of Raszageth's foul lieutenants): "Alexstrasza confronts Raszageth and is wounded."
  • We arrive at the Wild Hatchery and it turns out that Alexstrasza is fine, and all the remaining dragon eggs were safely rescued by Majordomo Selistra and Wrathion.

Wrathion's Gambit

  • In the fourth chapter of the storyline, Wrathion gathers the Blacktalon and prepares to take back the Obsidian Citadel.
  • We review the plans with the various members of Wrathion's forces and then begin the assault.

  • A cinematic plays out: "Sabellian's brood of black dragons returns from Outland."
  • Sabellian and the other dragons hold back the djaradin, while we and Wrathion secure the high towers to insure the victory.
  • We locate the Obsidian Oathstone (which was broken due to Neltharion breaking his oath) and then repair it by using the Forge of the Earth-Warder.
  • Now that the Black Dragonflight has returned, it's time for a new leader to be chosen. Wrathion and Sabellian argue on which of them deserves the Obsidian Throne.

A Purpose Restored

  • In the last chapter of the storyline, we help Wrathion and Sabellian escort the eggs to the Life Pools.
  • Wrathion does not like the idea of transporting the eggs by wagon since it's extremely slow, however Sabellian does not want to risk an encounter by transporting the eggs as dragons.
  • We defend the cart from minor threats, but right before we get to the Life Pools, a dragon appears and destroys the wagon.

  • At the Ruby Lifeshrine, Sabellian explains that the eggs were never in danger. His presence on the ground drew enough attention so that the dragonflight could move the eggs unobserved.
  • A final cinematic for the zone plays out: "With the return of Black Dragon eggs to the Life Pools, the Ruby Oathstone has been renewed."

Note: Captain Exposition and the Happy Marmoni are a PTR-only feature.​

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