Kua'fon Learns to Fly, Blue Posts, Mechagon - July 5th, 2019


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Jul 16, 2009
Kua'fon Learns to Fly
Horde characters who completed the steps to raise Kua'fon and completed How to Ptrain Your Pterrordax and earned Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part Two can do the quest Just Ptrust Me on This from Pa'ku at Pterror Rise to unlock the ability for Kua'fon to fly. This achievement is account wide and also allows Alliance characters to fly on the mount as well.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker
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World PvP Essence Rank 2
With a hotfix a few minutes ago, we’ve made it so that Fighting on Two Fronts no longer requires looting the Mechagon Fight Club chest.
The difficulty of this step as a requirement for upgrading Ripple in Space was out of line compared to other parts of the achievement.
We’ll note this in our next hotfixes update.

Mechagon Guide - July 5th, 2019
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Today's Constructions

  • All are active today

Notable Quests
  • Mechagon Isle
    • Certified Pre-Owned
    • Chopped Bots
    • Cogfrenzy's Construction Frenzy
    • Do Not Drink
    • More Recycling
    • The Other Place
    • Rustbolt Requisitions: Great Sea Catfish
  • Alternate Future
    • Note: It is likely that the Rusty Prince does NOT spawn when Chromie is in town and only by entering the alternate timeline via Personal Time Displacer. Be sure to farm Blueprint: Personal Time Displacer from mobs in the alternate future so that you can enter it on off days for extra reputation dailies and the rare.
    • Adapt, Improve, Overcome!
      • The Final Act

Notable Unique Rares

  • Boilburn (3)
  • Earthbreaker Gulroc (9)
  • Caustic Mechaslime (6)
  • Gemicide (14)
  • Gorged Gear-Cruncher (15)
  • Ol' Big Tusk (23)
  • Doppel Ganger (32)
  • The Kleptoboss (33)

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