Mythic Uldir Progress, Reorigination Array, Daughter of the Sea - Metal Cover


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Jul 16, 2009
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Mythic Uldir Progression
The race is on in Mythic Uldir with five guilds at 4/8 already! Method is doing coverage and streaming progression.

Reorigination Array Clarifications
Uldir Armor can have the Laser Matrix or Archive of the Titans traits, enabling Reorigination Array.

  • There is a hidden weekly quest to kill 3 Uldir bosses, granting another stack of Reorigination Array.
  • This hidden quest is always present so if you have swapped pieces of gear from the trait, you'll have the same number of stacks still.
  • You start accumulating stacks right away, on any difficulty, even before you get the Power.
  • This buff can stack up to 10 times, granting 75 of your highest secondary stat per stack.
  • The buff doesn't scale based on raid difficulty.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker
/ Official Forums
It is a clever system but I do have some insight to share on how it works. Apologies for the lengthy description but I wanted to explain it given what you pointed out now that I have some information to share on it.

So Reorigination Array is a secondary bonus to traits from Archive of the Titans or Laser Matrix. When those are selected on a piece of Azerite gear that is equipped it provides Reorigination Array. This is a passive buff that is always up while you're inside the instance.

There is a Reorigination Array hidden quest associated to your character that tracks and gradually improves this buff over time as you progress week over week within Uldir. Every week there is essentially a weekly quest that tracks your kills, and once you kill 3 bosses in Uldir you gain a stack added to Reorigination Array. You do not need a piece for this to track your kills. So if you killed 3 bosses last week and got your piece this week with Archive of the Titans, don't worry as you'd correctly be at 2 stacks if you killed 3 bosses this week as well. This stacks up to 10 and each stack provides 75 of your highest secondary stat. This also tracks regardless of difficulty so you can even track and obtain the items with these traits on Raid Finder.

Once you obtain a piece you'll notice the Reorigination Array tooltip changes depending on some certain conditional statuses. If you haven't killed any bosses this week in Uldir it will read additionally "Defeat 3 more powerful foes in Uldir to increase the effectiveness of Reorigination Array.". This will be under the current bonus it provides if you have earned any stacks already. As you kill bosses for your weekly count you'll see this counter go down until it disappears as you've earned your 3 needed kills for the week and you'll instantly get that next stack.

Daughter of the Sea - Metal Cover
Skar Productions has a cover of Daughter of the Sea!

Combat Log Tool - Wipefest Updated for Uldir
Wipefest has been updated for Uldir! Wipefest is a web tool that uses data from Warcraft Logs to display insights and timelines for raid encounters. The timeline aims to provide a concise overview of the important events within a fight, such as major boss abilities, big cooldowns, and deaths.

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