Patch 10.0.5 Live This Week


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Jul 16, 2009
Patch 10.0.5 Live This Week!
The first additional patch for the Dragonflight expansion is going live in most regions this week.

What is Releasing This Week?
Patch 10.0.5 only adds a few new things, but contains a lot of quality-of-life additions as well as addressing pain points in the Dragonflight expansion.

What is Coming Soon?

Official Dragonflight Expansion Patch Notes
Here are the Official Patch notes for the Dragonflight expansion launch.

The Storm's Fury Event
A new group event will now take place in the Primalist Future area with new rewards.

Patch 10.0.5 New Mounts
A ton of new mounts are coming with the patch, mostly through the new Trading Post feature.

Noteworthy Changes
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
  • Many classes have had changes to their talent trees.
  • The Mage Tower has returned.
  • New rare enemies and NPCs can now be found in the elite areas of Nokhudon Hold, Imbu, Cobalt Assembly, Tyrhold, and the Primalist Future.
  • Trial Of Style
    • Additional cosmetics are now available for Trial of Style Tokens at Transmogrifier vendors.
  • Lunar New Year
    • Lunar New Year has begun! A new achievement, Elders of the Dragon Isles, can be earned by honoring the Elders located across the Dragon Isles.
  • Group Loot
    • Fixed an issue where, in some rare cases, players would get less loot than they should have on certain Raid sizes.
    • Fixed an issue where players could unconditionally roll Need on Set Tokens. The system will now check if the player owns the Token or the Set Piece itself at equal or greater power.
    • Players can no longer roll Need on any Profession recipe that they have already learned.
    • Players can no longer unconditionally roll Need on 1-hand weapons (or 2-hand for a Warrior in Fury loot spec).
      • Developers' note: The system will now thoroughly identify if you can dual-wield the weapon in question, based on your loot spec. If you can, and you already have two versions of it at least as powerful as the item being rolled for, you can't Need the item.
  • Transmog
    • Common (white) and Poor (grey) quality equipment can now be used for transmogrification. These items will now become bind-on-equip.
    • Enchant illusions can now be applied on Artifact weapons.
    • Former new character starter equipment has returned and can be found at vendors in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Pay a visit to a local shop relevant to your armor type and see what they have in stock!
    • Polearms from Shadowlands and Dragonflight have been adjusted to sit lower on the player’s back when sheathed. We'll be looking into adjusting additional polearms from previous expansions in a future update.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the lightning visual effect from appearing on some Mythic class set and Elite PvP items.
  • PvP
    • Several changes have been made to improve how our system handles players who leave matches:
      • Rating will be calculated per-round in games with leavers.
      • Matchmaking Value for each player in a match will be displayed on the scoreboard.
      • A warning prompt will display the penalties for leaving if a player attempts to leave a match.
      • Players who leave excessively will be subject to account review and suspensions, as abandoning matches repeatedly is a violation of the terms of service via exploiting functionality to the detriment of the game environment and the intended player experience.
  • Professions
    • All professions have had the requirements to unlock specializations reduced.
      • Professions with 3 specialization trees have had their final unlock reduced to profession level 75 (was 100).
      • All professions with 4 specialization trees have had their final two unlocks reduced to profession level 60/75 (was 75/100).
      • Experience Bars, Equipment Durability, Bags, and the Micro Button Bar can now be adjusted in Edit Mode.

What is Coming Soon?

The Trading Post

The Trading Post is a new feature that awards currency every month just for logging in that can be spent on new cosmetic rewards. It will launch on February 1.

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