Patch 8.2.5 PTR - Finding Wrathion Quest Chain


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Jul 16, 2009
Patch 8.2.5 PTR - Finding Wrathion Quest Chain Preview
The Patch 8.2.5 PTR is finally up and with it comes a new story quest! Be warned that this preview contains major spoilers!

  • Whispers of N'Zoth - Magni wants you to report to Kalecgos in the Chamber of Heart immediately because Ebonhorn's head is being plagued by old god whispers. MOTHER wants to "sanitize" him to stop the corruption, but Magni stops her.
  • Spies to the Left and Right - Kalecgos is shocked N'Zoth could reach Ebonhorn in the safety of the chamber, and reluctantly sends you to find Wrathion at the Tavern in the Mists in Pandaria. Upon arriving you find two of Wrathions's Blacktalon Bodyguards, who say that Wrathion hasn't made contact with them in some time. They have you fight off 6 Lurking Observers (old god floating eyes) outside before giving you Wrathion's "Torn Journal Page #7".

  • Black Winged Shadow - The two suggest that you look for Wrathion at the entrance to Blackwing Descent, but warn you to be careful as it has become obvious you are not the only one looking for him. There you find a Blacktalon watcher being attacked by two Sleepless Operatives and a Sleepless Interrogator. When you dispatch them, you receive Wrathion's "Torn Journal Page #16" from the watcher, who states that the Sleepless Interrogator showed him terrible and tempting things. He says that Wrathion wanted you to have the pages, and suggests you head to the Karazhan Catacombs as Wrathion said he intended to study the artifacts stored there.

  • To the Catacombs - When you reach the Catacombs, you find a Slain Blacktalon Lookout outside and collect Wrathion's "Torn Journal Page #25".

  • On the Trail of the Black Prince - You take the keys to the Catacombs from the body and head down into the crypts. You must investigate some of the journals and pages left by Wrathion before slaying X'korr the Compelling, a minion of N'Zoth who holds Wrathion's "Torn Journal Page #58". This one mentions Wrathion discovering a portion recipe in the catacombs that stops someone from hearing the whispers of the old gods and also states that he spoke with the spirit of Medivh and wants to follow a similar path in helping destroy the very thing that plagues him (the old gods) in order to save Azeroth. He has left a note for you with a sample of the potion for Ebonhorn.

  • Save Ebonhorn - Magni says you are needed back immediately and MOTHER opens a way gate to bring you back to the Chamber of Heart. You use the Potion of Mental Clarity on Ebonhorn to free him of his corruption, and he remarks that you must have found Wrathion if you have the potion. Kalecgos says Wrathion wasn't actually found, but the Black Prince seems to have found a way to resist the influence of the old gods. Ebonhorn tells you to give Wrathion's Journal pages to MOTHER, who commits the pages to memory and formulates fortification transcripts for the Chamber of Heart. She then destroys the pages to Magni's shock, but she explains that the journal said to destroy the pages. Magni says he will start looking for the Black Prince and the quest ends here.

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