Pet Battle System now on Beta Realms (Early Version)


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Jul 16, 2009
Pet Battle System now on Beta Realms (Early Version)
This build of the beta introduced a very early version of the Pet Battle System!

I want to be the very best!
Picking up Pet Battle Training on the beta is pretty easy, all you need to do is visit the trainer in your capital city and pick up the 2 abilities.

Tracking Pets
The pet tracking changed slightly since our first preview, you now track 2 types of pets: the ones that you can't capture and are only here to let you gain XPs will show up as a small yellow dot on your map. The ones you can actually capture will show up with an easily noticeable green icon and will be flagged as capturable in their tooltip.

The fight is started by right clicking a pet creature when you're in range (approximately 30 yards). The camera will rotate around your character and the game will switch to Pet Battle mode. From this screen you can:

  • See the status of all your pets at the top left of your screen.
  • Control the abilities of your active pet at the bottom.
  • Switch between pets and see them by clicking the 4th icon on the bar.
  • Capture pets when they're low on life!
  • You can also surrender but that sounds pretty wimpy to be honest.

The battle is pretty simple, weaknesses and strengths are already implemented and if you pick the wrong type of pet you will get your ass kicked pretty fast. It ends whenever the enemy is defeated or captured.

Pet Battle Interface


Selecting another pet

New pet on the field!

Let's try to capture ...


Finding New Pets
How are you going to know where to find new pets for your collection? Easy, Blizzard is going to integrate a full encyclopedia directly in the game. Maps aren't implemented yet but currently, the info page of any pet will already tell you where you can find it!

Pet Family Passive Bonuses
Newly added are passive bonuses for all pet families.

  • Aquatic - Purity - The duration of harmful damage over time effects is reduced on Aquatic pets.
  • Beast - Enrage - Beasts deal 25% extra damage below half health.
  • Critter - Elusive - Critters break out of crowd control effects more quickly.
  • Dragonkin - Execute - Deals 50% additional damage to targets with less than 25% health.
  • Elemental - Weather Immune - Elementals ignore all weather effects.
  • Flying - Swiftness - Flying creatures gain 50% extra speed while above 50% health.
  • Humanoid - Recovery - Humanoids recover 2% of their maximum health every time they attack.
  • Magic - Spellshield - Magic pets cannot be dealt more than 50% of their maximum health in one attack.
  • Mechanical - Comes back to life once per battle, returning to 25% health.
  • Undead - Damned - Undead pets return to life for one round when killed.

Pet Battle Abilities
If you missed the update last week, check out the updated list of pet battle abilities on WoWDB!

The tooltips for individual abilities will show you which pets the attack is strong against, and which pets the attack is weak against. The page will also show you which pets can learn the abilities. On each pet's page, we have listed all of the spells that the pet can learn. We will continue to add features as the system is fully implemented in the beta.