PTR Focused Testing - Jaraxxus and Twin Valkyrs


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Jul 16, 2009
I guess we'll have a very busy night, Jaraxxus and the Twin Valkyrs are being tested on the european PTRs tonight (19:00 CET), followed by the Northrend Beasts and the Faction Champions on the US PTRs (04:00PM PDT). All these encounters will be tested in both normal and heroic mode, expect some hard-mode loot!

Update - First loot table update of the day, this is the Jaraxus 25-Man Loot Table
Lvl Type Spec Slot Item 245CrossbowsPhys.DPSRangedDeath's Head Crossbow 245Off-HandSpell HitOff-handTalisman of Heedless Sins 245PlateTankFeetDawnbreaker Sabatons 245MailSpell MP5WristBracers of Cloudy Omen 245MailSpell MP5WristWristwraps of Cloudy Omen 245LeatherPhys.DPSChestVest of Calamitous Fate 245LeatherSpellWristBindings of the Autumn Willow 245ClothSpellLegsPants of the Soothing Touch 245Misc.TankBackPride of the Demon Lord 245Misc.TankBackPride of the Eredar 245Misc.Spell MP5FingerRing of the Darkmender

PTR Focused Testing - Twin Valkyrs
The Twin Valkyrs encounter in the Coliseum seems to be a mix of Twin Emperors from AQ40 and Thaddius in Naxxramas. Each boss has his own set of abilities (Light/Dark) and any error will be punished

Loot Table - 25-Man

                     Type         Spec         Alliance Version         Horde Version                  DaggerPhys.DPS[URL=""]Twin Spike[/URL][URL=""]Gouge of the Frigid Heart[/URL]         StaffPhys.DPS[URL=""]Lupine Longstaff[/URL][URL=""]Twin's Pact[/URL]         Off-HandSpell[URL=""]Chalice of Searing Light[/URL][URL=""]Mystifying Charm[/URL]         PlateTank[URL=""]Bracers of the Shieldmaiden[/URL][URL=""]Armguards of the Shieldmaiden[/URL]         PlatePhys.DPS[URL=""]Legguards of Ascension[/URL][URL=""]Legplates of Ascension[/URL]         MailPhys.DPS[URL=""]Sabatons of Ruthless Judgement[/URL][URL=""]Greaves of Ruthless Judgement[/URL]         LeatherPhys.DPS[URL=""]Belt of the Merciless Killer[/URL][URL=""]Belt of the Pitiless Killer[/URL]         LeatherSpell[URL=""]Cord of Pale Thorns[/URL][URL=""]Belt of Pale Thorns[/URL]         ClothSpell Hit[URL=""]Bindings of Dark Essence[/URL][URL=""]Dark Essence Bindings[/URL]         NeckSpell[URL=""]Wail of the Valkyr[/URL][URL=""]Cry of the Valkyr[/URL]         NeckTank[URL=""]The Arbiter's Muse[/URL][URL=""]Legionnaire's Gorget[/URL]         NeckPhys.DPS[URL=""]The Executioner's Malice[/URL][URL=""]The Executioner's Vice[/URL]         TrinketPhys.DPS[URL=""]Death's Verdict[/URL][URL=""]Death's Choice[/URL]         CurrencyBadge[URL=""]Emblem of Triumph[/URL] x 3[URL=""]Emblem of Triumph[/URL] x 3         Tier 9 Tokenilvl 245