Recruiting for Highmaul and onwards!


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May 14, 2009
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Brave New World (Barthilas) are recruiting all excellent +8GMT players to raid with in WoD!

Our guild has been successfully raiding since it was founded back in Burning Crusade. We are mature, but we know how to enjoy ourselves.

Our current progression through Highmaul is - 7/7 Normal mode and 6/7 Heroic mode!

Our raid times are as follows:
Raid nights are Monday, Wednesday and Sunday.
10:30pm - 1:30am Server-Time/AEST
7:30pm - 10:30pm Singapore/HK/Thailand/Western Australia

Brave New World was a very established +8 GMT Alliance guild on Dath'Remar and had been consistently amongst the most progressed on the server on a relatively short 10.5 hour raid week since TBC. We have moved to Barthilas (Horde), whilst there are many reasons for this move, the main one is progression, we needed a good server talent pool in which to recruit. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild, who strives to be the best on server and maintain great reputation within the community.

Guild Website: (Please note, most guild info etc needs to be updated)

Brave New World provides all raiders with:
- Free Repairs (once you've passed the trial)
- Reduced Cost Flasks
- Free Raid Feasts
- Reduced Cost potions
- 3 guaranteed nights per week of raiding
- Eligible to apply and will have priority over initiates for raid dropped crafting materials or hard to get crafting materials.

We are currently recruiting all classes and specs to build our new Mythic team.

Our Expectations of New Trials:
We expect of our new Trials to come to raid fully prepared with enough food/flasks to last the entire raid. Our members range from areas all over the world, but fluency in English is a plus for easy communicating via Mumble. Previous Heroic experience (previous tiers) will be advantageous, but is not necessary. What is necessary is a desire to learn, improve and progress together as a team.

Our Philosophy:
1. Exceptional preparation. Full consumables / perfect enchants / perfect specs, gems etc. will be par for the course for all raiding members. You will be expected to know all fights and do your own research.
2. Self-Motivated Players. We want players who would go the extra mile to be the best in your class. Be it keeping up with upcoming patch notes or theory crafting. We believe everybody has room for improvement.
3. In-depth Post Mortem Analysis. Raid logs will be analysed after every raid for weaknesses and areas for improvement.
4. Sustainable raiding volume. 9 hrs a week of raiding. We respect that our raiders have careers, families and other priorities that take precedence outside the game.
5. Fair Distribution. We use EPGP for loot distribution.
6. Like-minded Players. We believe in recruiting people that match our personality and of equal skill so everyone feels at home playing with each other.
7. Dedicated Officer Corps. Officers that work for the members and not the other way round.
8. We use mumble for communication- Please have a working microphone that you are able and willing to use.

If you're interested, please visit our website at Alternatively, you can create an alt on Barthilas and speak with any of our officers or add the following btags - Deny#1258, or myself on Loque#2292 for any additional info you may want to know.

P.S We will be raiding some Heroic and maybe Mythic SoO to get our raid bearings back when 6.0 drops, but it will be on select days to be flexible.

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