Reddit Ask Me Anything With Ion Hazzikostas on Friday, September 14th


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Jul 16, 2009
Reddit Ask Me Anything With Ion Hazzikostas on Friday, September 14th
According to this reddit thread, tomorrow, Friday September the 14th at 2 PM PDT Game Director Ion Hazzikostas will be doing an "ask me anything" in the WoW reddit to answer questions about the live game. The thread will not be stickied per Blizzard's request, and there are a few guidelines to follow according to the post:

  • Please remain civil and respectful at all times. In the interest of being able to have other AMAs in the future, the Mod team independently warns that any bad behavior and violation of reddit rules will be punished with a permanent ban, and the removal of your comment.
  • Hopefully the community is able to discuss politely. Do not downvote, if you disagree with a comment, discuss or challenge it. The goal is to promote a respectful, useful discussion, as it is in everyone's best interests.
  • Try to ask succinct, clear questions. Walls of text with 30 questions shoved into a single comment are heavily discouraged. Questions should nevertheless strive to be constructive. A comment such as "fix the game" will likely not get answered.

Ythisens responded when asked why the thread won't be stickied.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
While /u/FlapSnapple covered this I just wanted to say it from the shiny blue text.

Essentially we'd prefer if an AMA live organically. We're guests on this platform and in this community. You run it, you decide what content you upvote or downvote. We think a force sticky doesn't abide by how Reddit itself functions and we shouldn't be an exception to that.

Also most typical users and guests browse over the stickied posts even though its at the top. Sorry admins :p I promise I read them though.

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