Shadowlands Beta - Maldraxxus Quest Chain Preview


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Jul 16, 2009
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Shadowlands Beta - Maldraxxus Quest Chain Preview
Afterlives: Maldraxxus recently shed some light on the story that will be playing out during the experience in Maldraxxus. Today we are taking a look at the Maldraxxus quest chain on the Shadowlands Beta. MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD

Chapter 1 - Champion of Pain

  • You begin the experience by talking to Grandmaster Vole at the Theater of Pain. He scoffs that you seem to have no house to fight for, but the anima drought has left them without many gladiators to fight in the arena at the moment and so he tells you to defeat 40 contenders.
  • After killing enough enemies in the Theater of Pain, Grandmaster Vole is shocked to find you alive, but remarks that most of the fodder you plowed through were amateurs. He then wants you to slay 10 elite contenders who belong to one of the five...errr three houses of Maldraxxus. Apparently two of them no longer exist.
  • Completing this task earns the favor of the Grandmaster, who says you now show potential. You have now caught the eyes of former champions Rin'mar and Gutrend who wish to challenge you. You are given the Maldraxxus Covenant ability after defeating them to use while in the zone.
  • The Grandmaster then announces the final event of the tournament, pitting you against the other victor in the current tournament, High Champion Meskal.
  • After her defeat, the leaders of the houses appear. Margrave Gharmal wonders which banner you fight for, but Margrave Sin'dane points out that you are a mortal. The two Margraves recognize you as the one that thwarted their houses' attack on Bastion. Margrave Krexus says they have betrayed everything the Primus stood for, to which the others remind him that the Primus is long gone while also taunting his house, the House of the Chosen.
  • Margrave Krexus reminds them that they are meant to defend the Shadowlands, not conquer it. He threatens to attack them if they don't recall their forces from Bastion, but the two refuse and a battle ensues.
  • Baroness Draka flies down on her mount and manages to get you out of there. She is part of the House of the Chosen. As you flee, a drake shoots you of the sky.
  • You land in the Iron Trench and must fight your way through unbound deathwalkers while arming displaced scavengers and collecting faded epitaphs with Draka. She then has you destroy an elite deathwalker named Malifis by using a horn to rally the scavengers to help you.
    After this, Draka tells you to enter the necropolis just to the south which is the home to Margrave Krexus and the House of the Chosen to whom Draka belongs.

Chapter 2 - House of the Chosen

  • When you enter, Baroness Draka informs you that their army is all that remains to fight the other two treacherous houses. She needs to regroup with the margrave, but asks you to report what happened to Baron Vyraz. He does not like what he hears and swears vengeance on the other houses. He wants you to deliver orders to generals around the necropolis while also taking out hidden spies among them with the help of a corpsehound.
  • You then return to Draka who wants to test your potential with a trial. There is a stone that stands at the center of the citadel surrounded by magma. You must reach it. You swim through the lava and activate it. The Voice of the Primus rings out, saying treachery besets their ranks and bonds frayed must be restored. The stone breaks apart revealing an unfinished blade, which the Primus says the key shall honor the worthy and unlock the fate of all fates. You collapse from exhaustion after and appear in front of Draka.
  • She and the other apparently had no idea that the blade was inside the stone, and says no soul that has ever reached it has been able to unlock its true purpose. She wants you to find Bonesmith Hiermir, who was one the Primus's apprentice, at her forge and ask for her guidance.
  • The Blademaster shoos you away until you pull out the blade, and then decides to help. She asks you to slay the undead bird marrowjaw for an empowered bone while also collecting pulsating hides from overgrown masses to create a hilt.
  • You then protect the Blademaster while she forges the blade. Spirits attack and eventually the Guardian spirit of the blade. When slain, the ritual is complete and you take up the runeblade, which empowers one of the ruins. The Blademaster says knowing the Primus, this is just the start of something more and sends you back to Draka. This also gives you the Fleshcraft shared covenant ability to use in the zone.
  • Draka has you meet with Margrave Krexus, who is impressed with you and an "awesome in-game event" happens before he sends you with Draka to the Deat of the Primus. On the flight, Draka says she doesn't believe in prophecies, but trusts the Primus and so trusts you have the blade for a reason. When you land, you use the sword and an "awesome in-game event" shows that you hold the key to the seat of the Primus.


Chapter 3- Matron of Spies

  • Draka sends you to the Renounced Bastille to find the second Baroness from her house, which turns out to be Baroness Vashj! (Lady Vashj in death). She was a member of the House of Eyes until its destruction from the treason. She is torturing a minion who exclaims that Mephiles knows everything. She killed him and then notices you, remarked that you are from Azeroth and this should prove interesting. She reads Draka's request for aid and tosses it into the nearby fire. She says Draka abandoned their house and now wants loyalty. Unlike her, Vashj will not leave her task unfinished. She requests your help before answering this call.
  • Baroness Vashj says her enemy, the lich Mor'bitan, hides in the House of Rituals. She wants you to kidnap his second in command, Mephiles and kill 6 morbid disciples. She also wants you to collect 3 anima-charged maldracite on the way.
  • Upon returning you lay down the maldracite to start a ritual that forces Mephiles mind to show Mor'bitan was involved in the destruction of the House of Eyes. Vashj kills Melphiles and tells you that you both need to do a ritual to lure Mor'bitan out. She requires you to siphon anima from nearby corpses, collect maldracite dust, and collect some drafts and meet her at the ritual location.
  • You use the items to start the ritual, and an awesome in-game event spawns Mor'bitan. You and Vashj take him out and then collect his rune stone. You then notice another rune activates on the sword, intriguing Vashj. She returns to the Seat of the Primus with you and your sword activates another lock on the door.

Chapter 4 - House of Constructs

  • You are also sent to the Spearhead to deal with the House of Constructs, who shapes flesh and has become an enemy. You find Baron Vyraz there, who tasks you with killing steelskin constructs, placing charges in specific high ground, and rallying hesitant soldiers.
  • You then must kill the commander of the forces, General Alver and signal help with a battle horn.
  • Afterwards, Baron Vyraz says this is the chance to strike at the House of Constructs. Secutor Mevix says we need reinforcements, but the Baron assures that you are worth a hundred soldiers. He tells you to meet Mevix near the House of Contructs.
  • When you meet him, Captain Exposition is there right now to say that Mevix and you are captured by Margrave Gharmel, leader of the House of Constructs. He leaves you in a pile of bodies to be dissected and reused. One of the bodies that you push aside is still alive. It is an blind Aspirant from Bastion named Thales.
  • He explains that most of his kin were killed outright, but the lead surgeon decided to only take his eyes. He wants you to help him save the souls in the Holding Pens nearby. You collect keys from fleshguards and also rescue Mevix in the process.
  • Thales says that the House of Constructs has been taking Kyrian dead or alive, but he doesn't know what for. He heard a voice mention three people that seem to be in charge of the area, and suggests you slay each of them.
  • After, you find Thales questioning why he should trust Mevix, who says what is being done is not what Maldraxxi stand for. He says one of the house Barons is close by and suggests you create a distraction by killing forces in the area, destroying vestigial animate, and locating Kyrian equipment.
  • You then take control of a salvaged Praetor to bring down a barrier and putrid traps protecting Stitchflesh's assistants. As you shut the stuff down, they talk about kyrian flesh being used to create the ultimate construct. It is also revealed that the flesh has not been purged of its memories, but once a Maldraxxian soul is embeded, any remaining echoes of Bastion's brainwashing will be squelched.
  • Of course you next move is to slay these assitants, Sharrex and Malkrex. You are about to destroy the flesh project after, but Thales stops you. He can sense kyrian souls in pain, and says he will calm it while you take control and escape the house of Constructs, slaying the Baron in the process.
  • When you escape, you run up the nearby hill and Thales establishes a camp there. You infuse the runeblade and Mevix decides to accompany you back to the Seat of the Primus, unlocking another seal

Chapter 5 - House of Plagues

  • The House of Plagues was the first to fall in this conflict, but Draka has heard whispers of survivors. She asks you to seek them out, and you find Plague Deviser Marleth just outside of the House. He refers to use as Apprentice and says he has been looking everywhere for you.
  • He seems a little out of sorts, asking you to gather stringy spore and bloated venom sacs to make a potion for Margrave Stradama, leader of the House of Plagues.
  • You create a slime and use it to gather laboratory equipment and slay Korrim the Cunning while also collecting journal pages.
  • After, you meet Marileth on a ridge in the House of Plagues. He tells you to go into the greenhouse and find solanum cerinthe for the potion as the final ingredient.
  • You then create the potion, which summons the corpse of Margrave Stradama. She manages to tell Marileth that she is lost, but he must endure. You take the potion and activate another part of the Runeblade. Marileth accompanies you back to the Seat of the Primus and
    another lock is opened.

Chapter 6 - Ritual for the Damned

  • Only one rune remains, and Draka says you should return to the House of the Chosen and report to Krexus. You arrive to find a bunch of slain constructs and Krexus slain as well.
  • Draka is saddened and says their only hope lies inside the Seat of the Primus now, but Baron Vyraz approaches and says the Seat is a fool's errand. The Chosen rely on strength of arms and must gather its mightiest soldiers, even their missing Baron lost to the Maw. He suggests you go talk to Bolvar in Oribos to find a way back into the Maw and rescue the baron preceding Draka.
  • When you talk to Bolvar, he says that he does not know how to locate the missing baron, but he believes he can help you find Darion Mograine who might be able to find the baron. He tells the Voice we seek entrance to the Maw, and the Voice tells you to leap into the Soul Pillar in the center of Oribos. The journey will not be pleasant.
  • Bolvar gave you an amulet to locate Darion, and you head to Zovaal's Cauldron to charge it its magic. After killing enough enemies to charge it you follow a death essence to a cave with an unresponsive Darion in a cage. You go find the key from Brethiun the Brand and free Darion, who wonders how long he has been trapped here.
  • On your way out of the cave, you are stunned by a Mawsworn Myrmidon, but a female broker named Ve'nari intercedes to help you. You follow her as she explains that she is trapped in the Maw and has a proposition for you. Our presence here draws attention, which is bad for her business.
  • She requests the amulet you carry in exchange for helping you locate the missing baron. She then teleports you around the Jailer's forces and tells you she heard of a Maldraxxi warlord being held in the lower courtyard of Perdition Hold. She conceals you and gets you to the baron. During your travels, she says she has been in the Maw a long time, and you also discover the faction leaders still in the Maw have been taken to Torghast, where the Jailer keeps all of his most prized possessions.
  • The missing Baron turns out to be Darion's father, Alexandros Morgraine, who instantly recognizes his son. He is shackled and you must protect Darion while he frees his father. You fight off a mawsworn named Desian the Torturer and then Ve'nari teleports all of you near the waystone you originally used to leave the Maw.
  • Alexandros mentions he will need his sword, Fatebringer, soon. Ve'nari then explains that you are the Maw Walker and can use the waystone to leave the Maw, but the others will have to attune their souls to yours in order to leave. You do so and manage to bring the father and son to Oribos with you. Ve'nari tells you not to tell anyone about her as you leave.
  • You find Draka with Bolvar upon your return, and Alexandros informs everyone that he had a warning that Vyraz actually betrayed them and had him trapped in the Maw. He was most likely the one that struck down the Margrave. Drakka says she will warn our allies at the Seat of the Primus while we head back to the House of the Chosen with Alexandros and deal with Vyraz.

Chapter 7 - The Empty Throne

  • When you return, Alexandros says that Vyraz has long been in league with the House of Rituals and the House of Constructs. No doubt he intended to trap you within the Maw as well. It is time he is brought to justice. You two head forward to confront him about the death of Margrave Krexus.
  • Vyraz taunts Alexandros, saying he will now claim the role of Margrave. Alexandros attacks him as the Voice of the Primus whispers to you to complete the final rune. You do so and restore the runeblade, and begin the fight against Vyraz.
  • Before you finish the fight, Drakka swoops in and grabs you, saying that the Seat of the Primus is under siege and we must defend it.
  • You use the blade to open the door and head into the Seat of the Primus while Drakka and the others hold off the attack.
  • Inside, you place the blade on the altar, and the Voice of the Primus rings out. He begins by stating that your presence here means a darkness has fallen upon the realms of Death. Ages ago, he and the other Eternal Ones punished their brother Zovaal for his treachery and bound him to the inescapable Maw, to forevermore be its Jailer. Now he fears that Zovaal did not act alone and suspects he had ancient allies, and will seek to win others to his cause. Zovaal has forged his chains into a weapon and brought about the defeat of the Primus.
  • There is but one hope to save the Shadowlands. The Eternal Ones must stand together once more, before the Jailer escapes the Maw. He asks you to bring his warning to the Archon, the Winter Queen, and the Sire. Zavaal must not reach the sepulcher. The arbiter is the final key and must be protected or all is lost.
  • With that, Drakka tells you to return to Oribos and let the others know what has transpired here.

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