Shadowlands PTR - Zombie Invasion Changes and Stress Test


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Jul 16, 2009
Shadowlands PTR - Zombie Invasion Changes and Stress Test
Since we last covered it, the Zombie Invasion in Capital Cities has received a few changes:
  • Ghouls now take fall damage and falling higher than 10 feet will cause instant death.
  • Ghouls are now active for 60 seconds and are spawn capped to about 15 ghouls.
  • Ghouls can no longer attacks players and players can no longer attack ghouls unless they turn on War Mode.
  • A new buff "New Recruit" is now given to players that complete the New Starting Experience in Exile's Reach.

Thanks to reddit user Siggythenomad for sharing these changes! If you would like to test them out, Blizzard is going to have a stress test this Friday at 8:00 AM PDT / 5:00 PM CET.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker
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Tomorrow, Friday September 4, at 8:00 a.m. PDT / 11:00 a.m. EDT, we’re going to perform a stress test on the Pre-patch PTR.

Please make sure you select “Public Test Realm” in the App, and log in at that time, and join Blizzard employees in Stormwind and Orgrimmar as we test the updates to the event that were made in this latest build.

Thereafter, please leave any feedback you have on the experience in this thread.

We’ll see you in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Thank you!

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