Tribute to Insanity, 09/23 Hotfixes, Blue posts


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Jul 16, 2009
World 2nd "A Tribute to Insanity" by Juggernaut
Juggernaut (US-Mal'ganis) is the 2nd guild in the world to complete A Tribute to Insanity one week after Premonition's world first. Congratulations to them.


Recent In-Game Fixes - September 2009 - 9/23/09
Quote from: Bornakk
Listed below are recent fixes we have applied to the game. Keep in mind that some of these changes may not be active until after the realm has been restarted. (Source)

  • The Val'kyr Twins will now heal for more in Heroic difficulties and ignore any heal dampening effects.
  • Koralon now pauses after casting Blazing Embers before casting Burning Breath.
  • Reclaimed Thunderstrike and Reinforced Thunderstrike will now properly grant attack power to druids in Cat Form, Bear Form, and Dire Bear Form as listed in the item tooltip.

Experience gains in Battlegrounds Increased
Quote from: Crygil source=
The reduced experience in Alterac Valley is due to the fact that Battleground experience is based off of the level of the Battleground. Characters level 70-79 are no longer getting experience based on level 80 characters. As a result of this, we are now able to do an across-the-board increase to experience gains from all Battlegrounds in order to make sure that no Battleground feels too unrewarding in terms of experience. We have also made it so the experience bonus from heirloom items works properly in Battlegrounds. (Source)

Blue posts
Quote from Blizzard staff
Paid race change
More information will be provided on this upcoming service when we are closer to launching it. Hang tight, it's not far off. (Source)

AP Debuff in raids and important buffs/debuffs (Reminder: Raidcomp!)
The original concern was for a 10-player group. We don't assume an AP debuff for a 10-player raid, though it is certainly nice to have. We assume you have it in a 25-player raid. We make some assumptions about the most important buffs and debuffs for larger raids, particularly those trying the heroic / hard mode content. Those include things like Replenishment, Fort, Kings, Gift, Bloodlust / Heroism, CoE, the AP debuff, Sunder Armor, the attack speed debuff, and maybe Scorch and a few others. Even in those cases you don't need every buff / debuff the game offers and even if you're missing one of the big ones, you can overcome that with enough skill (or gear). The bosses don't do an instant berserk if they detect you are missing Demo Shout. Yes, it will be harder without. Hard modes are for guilds capable of doing hard modes. Normal modes are for almost everyone.

Fortunately, Demo Shout isn't hard to get. No, you can't just randomly assemble any 10 characters and have a strong raid comp. But you certainly have a lot more flexibility in how you assemble your groups than in the BC content, and the proof of that is in the enormous diversity of raids that are beating the encounters. (Source)

Questlines related to Varimathras completable again in 3.3
A bronze whelp delivers the following note, which certainly doesn't seem to be in Sylvanas' hand:

Deathhorne, You're right. Someone has to fill the void and take care of business. I'll take that scroll from you when I get to my post.

- B

There's no further signature, but oddly, it seems to be dated "3.3"... (Source)

Ram Racing reset changes to 18 hours
I'm just popping in to confirm this resets every 18 hours, not 12 as has been the case in previous years. [...] It's every 18 hours from when you last did it, and no, there's no place to check when your time will be up.

[...] The idea is it's meant to be done once a day. The 18 hour reset is there so the time is more flexible for people who might do it later one day and earlier the next, as opposed to, say, a 23 hour reset which would be a significant detriment to those with limited but inconsistent time to play. (Source)

Shadow Priests
In the case of Shadow priests, we thought damage was a little low and made a very small adjustment. Many Shadow priests think their dps is still unacceptably low, but we don't agree. (That also doesn't mean we won't make changes in the future. We do change our minds.) (Source)

Vanish Bugs
Vanish failing is a bug, but it's a hard one to fix, and rogues are dominant in both PvE and PvP despite of it, so it's also not a "all hands on deck" problem either. (Source)