wod ready time


May 6, 2009
Main Character
Class and Specialisation
Paladin - Holy

So den wanted to see what I was running, keep in mind most of my binds are not locked in due to the whole WoD crazy skill stuff while leveling but the core stuff is the same. What I run includes ....

NPCScan & Overlay - We all know what this does.....
Addon Control Panel - Control addons from within the game rather than logging out.
Archaeology Helper - A lightweight archaeology addon that only pops up on digsites.
AtlasLoot - Mostly for linking Thunderfury into trade.
Auctioneer - Notus needs moar gold.
Bagon - Keeps the bags tidy and easy to view
Broker Garrison - Nice little display tool that keeps track of all your alts garrison missions and trade supplies so you never miss a shipment.
Broker Money - Allows me to easily track my account wide gold
Broker MicroClock - Allows me to see my time and server time and set alarms without having the default blizz interface
Broker XP Bar - Puts the experience bar into my broker display to free up more screen real estate.
Broker Equipment - A Broker tool that allows me to use the blizz equipment manager like Outfitter.
Broker Location - Zone info and coords.
Broker Recount - Popup control to bring up recount if needed and hide it otherwise.
BrokerProfessionMenu - Accesses all my professions via broker display and shows current trade CD's
ChocolateBar - My broker display addon
DBM - Cos potato
Dominos - Use this for bars and to hide useless blizz UI elements.
Frenemy - Allows me to track guild/friends/bnet from a broker display
Healbot - using this for my heal frames
Omen - Cos I'm not a downie like untainted.
OmniCC - Gives me a big number on my bars amongst other things for CD's
PetTracker - Pet battle addon of choice for WoD
Pitbull - Unit frames.
Postal - Easier mail handling and bulk opening.
Prat - tidier chat frames
Quartz - Nicer cast bars amongst other things.
RBS - Track downies not flasking.
Recount - So I can see how untainted died.
Repair Broker - Auto repair module.
Sexymap - Blizz Map replacement and forces a bunch of unnecessary buttons off my UI
WIM - Keeps things easy to chat to multiple people.