Arena World Championship Dragonflight Cup 1, World Boss One Shot by Rextroy, DLC #848


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Jul 16, 2009
Arena World Championship Dragonflight Cup 1
Arena World Championship is back for Dragonflight Season 1! Watch teams compete to advance through the tournament, featuring a prize pool of $400,000 across the entire season.

World Boss One Shot by Rextroy
Rextroy is back with another one shot, this time defeating Strunraan - the weekly world boss in the Ohn'ahran Plains.

Originally Posted by Rextroy
You all might have ran across the "Unstable Storm Totem" in Ohn'ahran Plains... its a neat item!

But did you know that the damage it does is % based? And funny enough the world boss is located within a short flight distance away!

The totem gives you a 30 second buff that makes you spawn thunder clouds, that each deals 15% of the targets max HP, scaling with versa and crit.

This enabled me to do more than 14M each cloud on the world boss, the distance between the totem and the boss almost makes me believe its intended to be used this way... almost

I tested if it works to keep the buff through loading screens, but sadly it won't, so no one shots will work inside the raid itself! Sadly

Still a fun trick you guys can use to make the world boss "a bit" faster.

Dark Legacy Comics #848 - Keystone Deserter: Season 1
DLC #848 has been released!

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