Bananas TCG Pet Unlocked, Frost Giant Studios Reach $9.7M in Funding, New LFG Strings


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Jul 16, 2009
Bananas TCG Pet Almost Unlocked
The $500,000 USD donation goal for Doctors Without Borders has almost been reached! Once Bananas is unlocked, the TCG Pet will be available to claim within a few days on the Blizzard App.

Frost Giant Studios Reach $9.7M in Funding
Frost Giant Studios, a new game studio founded by Tim Morten (Former Production Director of StarCraft II) and Tim Campbell (Former Lead Campaign Designer of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne), have now raised $9.7M to create a new real-time strategy game.

  • Last year, Frost Giant Studios received $4.7M in funding from Bitkraft Ventures, 1Up Ventures, GC Tracker, Riot Games, and Griffin Gaming Partners.
  • In a second round of funding, the studios have managed to raise $5M from the Korean venture capital fund Kona Venture Partners, internationally operating Global Founders Capital, co-founder of RXBAR nutrition bars Jared Smith, and game entrepreneur Eden Chen.
  • Frost Giant have also announced today that James Anhalt, former Starcraft II Lead Engineer, has joined the studios.

Burning Crusade Classic - New LFG Strings
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_IN_PROGRESS - You are still seeking more members through the LFG matchmaking system.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_MEMBER_ADDED_S - %s has been added to the group by the LFG matchmaking system.
  • ERR_MATACHMAKING_MEMBER_STILL_IN_QUEUE - Looking for a new party in the LFG matchmaking system.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_NOT_LEADER - Only the party leader can leave the LFM matchmaking system.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_NO_RAID_GROUP - You cannot use the LFG matchmaking system while in a raid group.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_SUCCESS - Your group is complete, you have left the LFG matchmaking system.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_MEMBER_STILL_IN_QUEUE - Looking for a new party in the LFG matchmaking system.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_OTHER_MEMBER_LEFT - Party member has left. Looking for a new party in the LFG matchmaking system.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_TIMEDOUT - Matchmaking timed out.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_MUST_BE_LEADER - You must be the party leader to use LFM and autojoin.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_OTHER_TIMEDOUT - Matchmaking timed out waiting for other player.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_AUTOJOIN_FAILED - Group no longer available.
  • LFG_BUTTON - Looking For Group/Looking For More
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_PENDING_MATCH_S - The LFG system is waiting to complete the match for %s.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_PENDING_INVITE_S - The LFG system has matched you to a group for %s.
  • DEFAULT_STAT5_TOOLTIP - Increases Health Regeneration by %d Per Second while not in combat
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_AUTOJOIN_FAILED_NO_PLAYER - Matched Player(s) have gone offline.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_MADE_LEADER - You are the party leader!
  • CHAT_NOT_IN_LFG_NOTICE - [%s] You must be queued in looking for group before joining this channel.

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