BlizzCon 2019 - Diablo IV Systems and Features


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Jul 16, 2009
BlizzCon 2019 - Diablo IV Systems and Features

  • Classes
    • Sorceress
      • Fire, Cold, Lightning Magic
      • Main Ranged Caster Class
      • Fragile
      • Conduit Skill - Turn into an invulnerable lightning ball and teleport around doing damage to enemies.
      • Chill mechanic - Cold damage done to enemies puts a stacking slow on enemies and eventually freezes them.
    • Barbarian
      • Physical Warrior
      • Heavy Melee Attacks
      • Master of Weapons
      • Heavy physical damage while jumping and running around battlefield
      • Arsenal System - Can equip 4 weapons, 2 of which are two-handed and 2 of which are one-handed. Also allows the Barbarian to use the most item affixes and equip more legendaries than any class in the game.
    • Druid
      • Shapeshifter
      • Human, Werewolf, and Werebear
      • Earth and Storm Magic
      • You instantly transform into the animal form of the attack you use and will turn back into a human when using earth or storm magic.
      • You can tie talents into the moment you shapeshift.
  • Skills and Talents
    • The goal of these is to have an increased sense of power progression during level up as well more player choice and customization.
    • Skill Points
      • You gain 1-2 skill points per level
      • Skill points can be used to unlock new skills or rank up existing ones to make them more powerful.
      • You can get skill points from skill tome items found in-game as well.
    • Talent Trees
      • Unique to each class
      • Work your way from the top of the tree to the bottom and customize as you level up.
      • There are simple talents as well as more complex ones.
  • The Open World
    • Shared world does not affect dungeons. They are still private for you and up to 3 other people.
    • The campaign areas will also remain private until you complete the objective for that campaign area.
    • You will see other players outside your party in the open world and come across many activities.
    • Public events can include events like demons attacking a coastline or a difficult boss.
    • You will find treasure, lore books, and crafting materials in the open world as well.
    • Open world PvP is another aspect.
    • You will share the open world with a varying amount of people based on what is currently happening in the zone.
    • They want Sanctuary to feel bleak and so they don't want you to see too many players while traveling.
    • Towns will have more people in them at one time than the open world.
  • Playing with Others
    • You can share your quest with others in your group regardless of where they are in the campaign.
    • There will be 2 player couch co-op on consoles.
    • Diablo IV's best items and content progression can be done entirely solo or in a group.
  • Dugeons
    • Dungeons are still randomly generated.
    • There are exterior environment dungeons that are all randomly generated as well.
    • Seamless exploration makes it so there are no loading screens between floors, and you can go from one environment to the other without issue.
    • Random events are back. They are no longer restricted to a specific place in the world.
    • Dungeon Objectives are completed by completing specific tasks in the dungeon. Completing them makes the dungeon harder and increases rewards.
    • End Game Dungeons
      • Varied content
      • Strategic Depth
      • Player agency
      • Dungeon Keys - Drops in the world for a specific dungeon and using it upgrades it to an end game dungeon. There is also a rank on it that increases the difficulty and affixes that affect the player, enemies, and environments.
      • You can use keys or salvage them for crafting.
  • Monsters
    • There are monster families in Diablo IV.
      • Fallen
      • Skeleton
        • Skeletal balista that shoot arrows at you from afar
      • Drowned
    • Elites can have affixes attached to them that enhances their abilities.
    • Bosses
      • Tomb Lord Skeletal Boss
      • Every class has a short evade ability to dodge attacks
      • Many skills grant the unstoppable status which gives a brief period of crowd control immunity.
      • Ashava is so big that the camera has to pan out to show the entire boss.
      • Stagger System - Applying abilities to a boss will fill a stagger bar until it becomes staggered. When staggered, you can do additional things to the boss (such as destroy Ashava's arm blades)
  • Items
    • Items can grant an extra talent point into a specific talent and can also allow you to go past the max rank in that talent.
    • Legendary items will be on equal power to set items.
    • Mythic is the highest quality items in the game.
    • Runes
      • Condition runes and effect runes are the two types.
      • You can combine the two to make a runeward, which grants you the effect when the condition is met.
      • They are working on adding progression to runes as well.
  • Q and A
    • There will be a base game and expansions.
    • They will not sell power (i.e - Real Money Auction House)
    • There will be more options for build customization outside of legendaries.
    • There is no offline mode.
    • The idea for trading is to have 3 types of tradeable items - some can be traded infinitely, some can be traded once, and some are not tradeable at all. They are looking for feedback on this.
    • The best items for PvP will be very different from PvE.
    • The current plan is to balance around both PvE and PvP.
    • Legendaries will not drop as often as they do in Diablo III. They will not modify the drop rate of legendaries as you progress further into end game as you will find better and better items the higher you progress.
    • The pace of combat will be determined by the affixes. Some will make you move fast while others require more tact.
    • Affixes are random within a range. They are planning to let you customize your affixes as well.
    • There will be seasons in Diablo IV. The main goal of them is to change up the player's experience.
    • New legendaries will be added in new seasons and some will cycle out for different seasons.
    • Harcore mode is in Diablo IV.

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