BlizzCon 2019 - Diablo IV World and Lore Panel Recap


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Jul 16, 2009
BlizzCon 2019 - Diablo IV World and Lore Panel Recap

  • The Process
    • The team has looked at a lot of pop culture references such as comic books, tv shows, and look at these through a lens of Diablo. They like to add gross things based on this method.
    • Role-playing games are a huge inspiration for developing gross things through their "Diablo lens."
  • Tone of Sanctuary
    • They want to bring back the unique vibe that previous Diablo games had.
    • They want to make a much more grounded story than Diablo III.
    • They want you to be able to discover the story of much more simple folk.
    • There are over 100 villages with common folk to explore and help.
    • Wandering and thinking about what awaits in the darkness is an important mood to create.
    • They are trying to give a sense of claustrophobia.
    • There is a Blood Bishop boss in one of the dungeons.
    • There will be religious and agnostic themes along with inspirations of what people in the middle ages imagined hell to be like.
    • The basic concept is discovering the problems of every day folks, exploring, and eventually finding something evil waiting at the end.
  • Lore
    • When the black soul stone was shattered by Maltheal, the essences rocketed out into reality. This is important for Diablo IV.
    • Lilith is the daughter of Mephisto, the lord of hatred. She and Inarius created Sanctuary.
    • Maltheal's genocidal campaigned wrecked the world and created many power vaccuums that different groups are trying to fill.
  • World Building
    • If you read the Diablo 1 manual, you find out a lot about the world that wasn't in game. This was the starting point for everything done since.
    • Diablo II gave a map of the world and allowed the team to develop the world more because of it.
    • With Diablo IV, they are building one large continuous and connected space and so porting around isn't needed.
    • Locations are actually in specific places on the new map and not added wherever they fit like in previous games.
  • World
    • For the first time, Sanctuary itself gets to be a character.
    • You can walk all of Sanctuary as one cohesive world.
    • For the first time, you get to see all the space between locations that was separated by loading screens.
    • Scosglen
      • Ancestral home of the druids
      • Constant fog and rain
      • Drowned and Goatman causing havoc outside the towns
    • Dry Steppes
      • Incredibly difficult place to live
      • Geysers of boiling water
      • Violent wars between groups of people
    • Fractured Peaks
      • Snowy mountainous region
      • Victorian Gothic themes
      • Ancient old cathedrals and ruins
      • The towns bar the doors when the sun goes down
      • Group of religious zealots make their home here
    • Hawezar
      • Poisonous swamp lands
      • Black magic and fever dreams
      • Those who come here come to be lost or forgotten
      • Full of thieves and outlaws
      • Swamp witches that worship massive snakes
    • Kehjistan
      • Desert area from Diablo III
      • Ancient cult ruins
      • Tribune that resurrected Lilith is here
  • Monsters
    • Drowned
      • Monsters of legend in Sanctuary that haven't been seen in ages. Most believe they don't exist.
      • They appear on moonless nights from the sea and infect the shores like a disease.
      • Bells toll when they are near.
      • Wretch, Sea Witch Dungeon Boss, and Drowned Juggernaut are some Drowned enemies.
      • Drowned Juggernaut used mast of a ship as weapon.
      • Drowned bring the sea to you with their attacks.
  • Bosses
    • Ashava
      • Ever present threat in Sanctuary and can pop up anywhere.
      • She is a monument to what Diablo IV is as a game. A massive monster that takes people working together to take down.
    • Duriel, the Lord of Pain
      • Returning from Diablo II
      • They are paying tribute to his fight in Diablo II while also developing him further.
      • Also the Lord of Maggots
  • Q and A
    • The Father of the Nephilim (Inarius) is still being tortured by Mephisto and it would be a spoiler to say if he makes an appearance in Diablo IV.
    • Sanctuary is a fixed world and will not be randomly generated, but the dungeons will be.
    • The souls in the Black Soul Stone are all out there and will come back.
    • We might see the other Lords of Hell
    • There is a lot of possibility to where Tyreal might be now.
    • There's a lot of characters that are fan favorites that they are talking about bringing back. Maybe the Butcher?
    • The team wants to honor the legacy of Diablo II and hopes the monster line up will delight you.

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