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May 9, 2009
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Computer questions

I dont remember what its called but apparently i have 2 different "drives"? or whatever the saves the stuff i put on my PC. Like Drive C has 138 gb, and Drive D has 140 gb.

If C starts to fill up will it effect the computers overall performance? Is it better to try and split the space up between C and D or like save most stuff on D so it doesnt effect C's performance? If so how would i go about moving stuff from C to D manually?
Also after C fills up i assume stuff would automatically start saving to D?

Oh yeah completely forgot about this. I havent cared too much but now its starting to be really annoying.
Ive been wanting to change my startup programs but my PC wont allow me to, something about "Windows Defender is turned off..." yada yada then it has a click here to turn it on thing, i click on that and simply get an error and it just doesnt work.
What the crap do i do?

If Windows is installed on C you want to keep at least 5-10GB free or performance will start to degrade. Generally leave all your installed programs/games on C and put everything else on D. There are lots of ways to move stuff like cutting and pasting in the windows explorer. Only move stuff if you know what it is like data or documents of videos. If you move programs then they might stop working.
In general if C fills up it will NOT automatically start putting stuff on D.
If C is really full and you can't think what to move off of it and you have plenty of room on D (30GB+) and WoW is installed on C then you might want to think about moving wow to D. Wow works okay if you move it around. If using Vista or windows 7, the first time you start it after moving wow, you will have to right click Launcher.exe and choose "Run as Administrator".
The defender thing. I would suggest you run Windows Update and install all the critical stuff and anything to do with defender. That might improve things?
hm I suppose ill move WoW then, most stuff on my pc is like a program, not junk.
Thats sad tho, seems like a gigantice waste of drive space then if things cant work properly like that.

Windows defender i dunno, im always updated.

So if i copy/paste the WoW folder into the second drive it should work properly if i straight up delete the older WoW folder as long as i run it as admin?

Thanks man.
Yeah I have repeatedly copied wow to new computers, to my wife's computer etc and moved it on my own computer. After you have copied it delete the original. It's quicker than reinstalling. First time you run you need to do the "Run as admin" thing so it gets permission to setup registry entries. After that you just start it normally.
As you say it might be good to clean up other processes - stuff that lives in the tray. Will save you a bit of memory. You have to look at that stuff on a case by case basis.
By a 1TB drive, they're cheap now and you'll never run out of space unless you really love your pr0n.
lol yeah idealy all u want on C is ur OS and the apps u install, everything else u dont want on the OS partition or HDD, i myself have a 60gb C drive and the pther 3TB is storage and my OS never hangs, or becomes slow because the C is only accessed for apps here and there and or system resources. Meaning it never gets hammered into the ground.
Oh dear gods Hawn, you're a tech support persons worst nightmare. ;)
ted maybe one day we should have a desktop sharing session and i can clean out your shit and move stuff around for you :)
that's the worst excuse for gay sex i've Ever heard
Hey hawnted, you might have disabled defender (I did cause it slowed the he'll out of my comp when running wow) go into control panels and click the security tab and look. Or if you have a red shield with an x through it on you task bar at the bottom of your screen click that and check to turn it on. You can't alter your start up programs until you do.
You dont understand!

I have tried every possible way to turn it on and it just wont allow me to do it. I get the same thing in the security tab, click on it to turn it on and get an error.
Oh, well in that case it looks like you're fucked, son
Who the hell uses windows defender shit, its the most useless piece of shit microsoft ever invented
It is enabled by default on Vista/7 so I guess most of the the civilised world
LOL ive never used windows defender in my life, its never even on, as soon as i put anti virus on its disabled because its lame lol
Hi again. :p

Im starting to move free mmo's from my natural C drive into the D drive because im tired of having to uninstall everything just to make space when im supposed to have another 120g on the second drive.

Is there any particular reason i should expect stuff to not work?
I just moved one game over and it works fine so far as i can tell.
I took your advice vye i just need and want to be able to use the computer space im supposed to have so i wanna know why somethin wouldnt work and what i should look out for.
Im not gonna worry about it because im just workin with free mmo's im not scared of them not working or anything, i can just move them back if they do mess up, its just had me wondering about it ever since we posted here.