Free MMO's

Game sounds awesome. lol

Yeah I'd try to think about what it would cost to buy stuff from a free to play game compared to if I were subscribed. If I'd end up spending $15 dollars a month on items from the mall shop then it wouldnt be so bad. If I had to pay much more than that a month then I suppose it would depend on the game. I certainly couldnt pay 100's of $$$$$$$ (lol) a month for some game. If I was rich it may be another story. :p

Bloodline Champions sounds closer to it but I'd say try both. :p
I know with Cata out right now playing other games is probably the last thing on anybodys mind but this is the last chance you can play and check it out for free before it gets released. :p

Well apparently Bloodline Champions kept a free to play feature so you can either do the cash shop thing (i assume) or buy it outright.
I still say its a must try for any PvP lover.
I often find myself wanting to play it again but im still pre-occupied with tons of other games.

Diablo in your browser:

I dont think i mentioned this one before either, very fun:

Mortal Online a first person "sandbox" game has opened up free trials, it is subscription based.
It took me 3 days to download the game and now im just watching the forums and waiting for server stability before i give it a shot.
They say they fixed their download but i wouldnt know how much better it is. :p The forums offer different ways to download it if you want.
TERA is almost out! can't wait man for anybody that hasnt seen it, quite beautiful.

Is it almost out tho? I thought itd probably be another year.

Pay to play on this one. :p

I had no idea you replied a week ago soul! lol
Bumpin this way super old thread.

Age of Conan will be going free to play, cant wait for that, thought the trial was pretty cool. Its another "WoW clone" but the combat is a bit different, i thought it was pretty neat.

Fallen Earths recent news is it will be going free to play also. Great game, FPS/RPG mmo.
Hey guys Hellgate is going into open beta on the 30th.

There was a 3 day beta a couple weeks ago that i happened to get into and i couldnt believe how awesome fun this game was. Every minute i wasnt at work i was playing this game because i knew the beta was very short.

If you liked Borderlands or Diablo you will most likely enjoy this game.

This is my most favorite free to play game so far.
Im not trying to get anybody to quit WoW =p but this is totally worth checking out if you liked the 2 games i mentioned just above. Do the free signup if youre interested.

Definitely try it if you have free time, its pretty freakin cool.


Also, please be informed that due to an existing partnership between Hanbitsoft and local publishers, the IPs of the following countries will be blocked from accessing Hellgate Global:

Korea, Japan, China, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.

Sorry. =(
Its supposed to be Hellgate Global too so thats a bit whack. Im sure theyll release different versions later.
The Secret World is taking official beta registrations beginning on the 26th.
I signed up like a year ago, i wonder if they just messed it up so now theyre doing a better sign up process. lol
A new CGI trailer can be viewed at

Hedone is a new shooter game going into beta that you can sign up for. The screenshots look great and the video is kinda neat.

If you are interested in MMO news and stuff there is a new site that kind of works like facebook, twitter and raptr.
Ive been playin a lot of Dragon Nest the past couple days. I just seem to be in the mood for it. Its very linear and super easy but just great fun in farming monsters if you like that kinda thing, i do. =p

I totally love the art style in it, so pretty!

You can check it out at this link if youd like