Just for laugh :P


May 11, 2009
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Protect your sack no matter what :lol:

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That is awesome.

referee almost got nailed too lol
Jake u pest lol

The rules these days don't allow that or u kicked out the competitions permanently.
No sport will allow that. Only the very "practicality" oriented arts like Krav Maga allows nutplosions
no rules self defense:

use both thumb and Poke eye, punch throat, undercut to the pelvis.

1) Harvest balls of steel
2) Remove your balls completely
lol Thats one violent bunny.

when someone grab you from behind and you can't move, grab his last finger and twist it. If it doesnt work hold his head and apply pressure to his eyes. That cause some intense pain. when he release, punch his pelvis and give him a few kick. Pelvis bone is weak so it will cause some fracture. Then run as fast as you can. :p Discovery Channel taught me that.
Poor Joker :lol:

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Lol my brother used to do some no holds barred fight clubs when he was in the US. Apparently there were guys who got kicked in the nuts so often they kind of...got immune to it. Lost feeling. Whatever. Could take a full-on kick and not stop. Talk about love of the fight.
I got kicked in the nut before and i had trouble walking properly for a week. Not good. :(
That batman/joker video is hilarious. The dude playin the joker fails tho, doesnt even lick his lips like a retard even once.
look out for the international hand sign lol

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Best world of warcraft video ever.

lol Keep your feet on the ground.

That brook chick is awesome.

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