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Apr 7, 2011
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Hey guys I need help with this. Going to be first time I'm building a new rig from scratch and want to see what you guys think.

Power supply - - $90

CPU - - $330

Heatsink - - $57

Motherboard - - $127

Memory - - $130

Graphics Card - - $280

Hard Drive - - $85

SSD - - $90

DVD/CD Drive - - $24

I already have 2 recently new monitors as well as a Logitech g510 keyboard and a naga 2013 mouse.
I just need some suggestions on a case and what you guys think of the above.
Im only looking to play some games and maybe minor video editing in the future.

Thanks for the help :)
Also am I missing anything else? My friend got me a new copy of 64-bit windows 8 as well but hesitant to goto windows 8.
I'll look at it in a bit. on train

don't be afraid of Windows ,8.. big update on the way (November) that lets you,put it,more like win 7

had quick look, but yep definitely got feedback. some interesting choices there.

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I assume you will be overclocking since you got a K processor, so change your heatsink to at least Corsair H80i

Wrong motherboard! You need Z87 one! :p

try this one >>

or if you dun like the color of asus try this >>>

Also change you ram to a red color one


Use this to check for parts for the love of god >> <<< CLICK THIS UGGUMS

Also, What resolution are you going to play at and what games are you playin?
First question Case size? do you have a form factor in mind?

ATX MicroATX miniITX?

(You can build some sexy small ITX systems these days)

For the purposes of reccomendations below, i am going to assume MicroATX.

  • Unless you are doing lots of video editing / conversion - you really dont need an i7.
  • Unless you are overclocking you do not need a "K" sku processor.

Look at what you do most. If its gaming then id urge you to:
Save the 110$ and get an i5 4670 (K if overclocking)

Move that 110$ and put it on a 256gb Samsung SSD. so then you can install a game or two on it.

OEM is fine, unless:
  • You live in a naturally hot area or PC is in enclosed environment.
  • You are overclocking
Haswell processors do run a bit hotter than thier Ivybridge predecessor, however the stock standard is perfectly capable unless overclocking.

Fine, unless you didnt want a bigger SSD. then put that money here and get the GTX770

I note you picked a Z77 board This is last generation. You might want to match the Haswell CPU with the Z87 chipset.
To work out an appropriate motherboard, the folllowing questions will provide some guidance.

Are you an audiophile or do you use high quality headphones (such as Sennheiser etc) - thus should be using a better soundcard with headphone amplifier?
Are you connecting the computer to the router/modem via ethernet cable?

If you answered 'no' to the last two questions
- ASUS Z87M-PLUS Motherboard or Gigabyte GA-Z87M-D3H Motherboard

If you answered 'Yes' to either of the last two questions
Then look ast a board with an Intel based network card and a higher grade onboard sound card (preferably with headphone amplifier)
- ASUS Maximus VI Gene Motherboard - No more questions.

Fine - good pick. (but they do have other colours as per Soul's comment)

If cost was an issue, one could argue 8GB is plenty but the cost of ram is pretty cheap these days.

Remember when building your own computer, cases are just as much about asthetics as they are about how easy it is to move components about.

Corsair 350D is pretty small but roomy, excellent cable management and good looking.
Suits the microATX form factor well.
Corsair 350D Here

If you wanted miniITX the Bitfeenx Prodigy (but you would need to change motherboard).
Prodigy here

Push it to 256GB.

There is a reasonable permormace difference between most 120/128 GB drives and 256+ drives.

Also A slightly bigger capacity means one or two of your most played games on it.
Not a major thing but it does give you faster game loading (wow load screens, FPS/RTS game map loading etc).

I hated having 20 second load screans on a wow instance. Especially when its due to a disconnect and you are trying to get back in.
Put in SSD... dropped to 10 seconds.

Its not so critical now days with improved garbage collection, but call me old fashioned i like to keep ~ 50% of the SSD capacity as free space.

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I use it here it's great, however it was a pretty big learning curve.

Worth it in my opinion,

My "start menu programs" and all my stuff (docs music pics) are perfectly in sync between my desktop / tablet and laptop.
As as is the guild loot list, attendance sheet, sitlist i should add! Nice to be able to pull up your docs from any computer anywhere and have it go back to your computer.

I would reccomend anyone to get it.... and if you cant put up with the new start screen until november then, then install a program called Start8 by stardock.
It basically strips out metro ui and its charms, then hacks it back to windows 7 style with the option for a normal start menu.

Dont let Deny the Dinosaur scare you, we have evolved
or wait for 8.1 before going 8
October 18 is 4 weeks away?
Mind blown

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:AngryLook: Once you get used to Win8 it's actually very good. In fact... if you were building or buying a new computer, theres NO REASON NOT to get Windows 8, it offers greater performance over Win7.

or wait for 8.1 before going 8

October 18 is 4 weeks away?
Mind blown

Or just get Win8 now... and download Classic Shell (FREE), for the time being. Microsoft already stated that they will offer Win8.1 for FREE (digitally) for customers who already owns Win8. < link for reference.
Also for Uggums, I got a new Rig recently as well xD. *brofist*

In regards to your HardDrives:

SSD: Think about getting the PRO series. It's abit more ($50-60 irrc) expensive, but if you're going to be doing a lot of read/writes on your SSD the better performance and reliablity is worth it, just so you know.. the standard 840 series only has a 3 year warranty, the PRO series has 5 years.

HDD: I got the same Harddrive, and let me warn you.. its loud, very fucking loud. But otherwise a decent choice.

In regards to chasis (case) it's hard to recommend you one, since there are a lot of good chasis out there, and alot of it comes down to your personal preference.

1) Aesthetics
2) Internal coolings (are you planning on water cooling in the future? or just gonna stick with air cooling? some cases are designed with water cooling in mind - pre-drilled mounting holes to save you the trouble of having to drill them yourself, others have a lot more perforated panels to allow for better air cooling etc.)
3) Size (are you putting the case anywhere in particular? some cases especially full towers or ultra towers my not fit under a standard study desk)
4) Noise (will this be a major concern to you? especially if you are planning on air cooling, which can get very loud, certain cases are built to absorb and reduce these noise)\
5) Budget!

So yeah, before some recommendation can be thrown your way, know what your after in a case will be helpful xD.

ALSO EDIT: This is in regards to case size. Will you be doing much upgrades in the future? I know this is a hard one since, you may think no now, but have a change of mind next year. But one of the mistakes I made with my old rig, was getting a mid-tower (cause I was being cheap), in that it becomes very space restictive once everything is in it's place. Also it will restrict the size of CPU cooler you can install (especially if you're going to be air cooling your CPU) since some CPU Coolers do get very VERY big.

Just to give you an idea of how big some CPU air cooling can get:


This is the same Cooler inside a full-tower, just to give you an idea of the size of a full-tower as well = ):


I assume you will be overclocking since you got a K processor, so change your heatsink to at least Corsair H80i?

Or of course if you go with Soulrave's idea of a self-contained water cooler, don't get a H80i, get a Corsair H100i - A LOT BETTER performance (according to reviews and benchmarks) and the website I buy my parts from shows there's only a $16AUD difference between the two
Here's a few pics of the rig I built in March...not brand new, but pretty darn nice when I built it 5 months ago.







Intel I3570k
Corsair H100
ASUS Sabertooth Z77
MSI R7870 Hawk TwinFrozr Ghz Edition
Rosewill Thor case
Samsung 830 series 128gb SSD
OCZ Modxstream 700w PSU
And not sure if it's in any of the pics but I got 4x4GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600mhz RAM

It handles things pretty decently. I think I spent like $1-1.2k on everything total...which I'd guess would be down to around $800 now.

I'm not too tech saavy, but if you want to ask me any questions about any of the products I have, I can certainly give oyu my opinion