Patch 8.0.1 Hotfixes - September 12, 2018, Reorigination Array Clarifications


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Jul 16, 2009
Patch 8.0.1 Hotfixes - September 12, 2018
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker
/ Official Forums

Creatures and NPCs
  • Scrollsage Nola should no longer be killable, and should safely make it to the water whenever she chooses.

Dungeons and Raids
  • Uldir
    • MOTHER
      • Adjusted Defensive Beams to address an issue that could cause them to sometimes instantly damage nearby players on Mythic difficulty.
    • Mythrax
      • Obliteration Beam no longer targets pets.
    • Vectis
      • Omega Vector periodic damage will now scale based on raid size in Normal/Heroic difficulties.

  • Darkmoon Deck: Squalls will no longer trigger from spells that don't deal damage, such as Polymorph.
  • Heart of Azeroth
    • Fixed a bug causing Spark Coil to linger on a player who changed zones.

Player versus Player
  • Hook Point Arena has been temporarily disabled. An issue was discovered causing some players to have an abnormally long load time while zoning into the arena.
  • Cheat death type abilities such as Cheat Death, Purgatory, and Last Resort are now cleared when entering Arenas.
  • Players who have earned Duelist: Battle for Azeroth Season 1 now have the weapon illusion 'Dreadflame' unlocked.
  • Player pets polymorphed by Polymorph: Direhorn will no longer be giant baby dinosaurs.
  • Death Knight (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Blood
      • Death Chain's visual no longer lasts longer than its effect.
      • Death Chain will now deal damage to other targets in the Death Chain when Bonestorm deals damage.

  • Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Beast Mastery
      • Barbed Shot can now be removed by effects that remove bleeds, such as Stoneform.

  • Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Execute modified by Death Sentence can no longer be cast out of melee range while rooted.
    • Death Sentence will now only charge to your target when they are under 20% health (35% when talented into Massacre).

  • Alchemy
    • Reflecting Prism can no longer be used on players under the effects of the Sea Mist Potion.

  • Grasping Thorns should now despawn when their shapers are killed during "Goldfield's War".

World Quests
  • Fixed an issue that caused a second set of creatures to spawn in front of Priestess Alun'za for "Atal'dazar: From the Shadows".
  • Players should now meet with more Bonebeak Scavenger Meat and Brineclaw Meat on “Instant Meat, Ready to Eat”.

Reorigination Array Clarifications
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker
/ Official Forums
do you need the Archive of the titans or laser matrix trait equipped to earn them or can you have another trait on that piece of gear and when you switch you will still have it ??
Nope! You don't need to have a piece with the trait to earn progress. So if you complete the quest for 5 weeks on Normal killing Taloc, MOTHER, and Fetid and then finally get say the plate helm with Archive of the Titans on week 6 from Taloc, then when you select Archive of the Titans and equip it it should show you have 5 stacks of Reorigination Array, and the tooltip should read that you need to kill 2 more bosses as you killed Taloc already for the week.

The progress is character based so if you get a better Azerite piece that provides Reorigination Array then you still have the same stack level. So there's no punishment for swapping items at all.

I mean, if you run your alts through RaidFinder every week, they shouldn't have any trouble keeping up with your main in Normal/Heroic/Mythic.
LFR does in fact grant it and the pieces as well. You essentially have 4 chances per week of getting the piece if a singular boss drops one that you need (LFR/Normal/Heroic/Mythic) plus seals plus weekly quests that grant you a cache that contains a random piece of Uldir gear, guildies or other raiders not needing and willing to trade, etc. There is an insane amount of opportunities to get the pieces that have them, as well as you always earn progress each week toward the stacking as long as you get the three boss kills on any level. You can do 2 bosses on normal and 1 on heroic or any other combination of difficulties and it still credits the same.

And another thing that I notice, as a BM hunter I got 32% mastery and 23% crit with my equiped gear, but the buff says I gonna get 75 crit per stack, shouln't I got mastery (my high secondary stat)?
It will be the highest stat value, not percentage.

My understanding is this is effected by temporary buffs too(?) So someone hits bloodlust/heroism, and half the raid's bonus swaps to haste. Intended?

Heroism shouldn't have this effect as it doesn't work by increasing your Haste rating. Stat rating based trinket procs might, though.

Correct. Heroism/Bloodlust doesn't provide a raw stat value increase, its just a flat 30% haste buff. So Heroism/Bloodlust wouldn't affect it. Trinkets could though if they do proc and that is enough to push you in one direction or another.

This also doesn't stack with multiple traits that provide Reorigination Array.

So even if i had 3 of archive of the titans or laser matrix it wouldn't give me 750 secondary for each just one instance of 750 at 10 stacks?

Also M+ has no equivalent to this, how is m+ supposed to be its own progression path if there isn't azerite gear that only works in M+ and not in raid?

Correct. You would only have one stack of Reorigination Array and multiples of Archive of the Titans or Laser Matix wouldn't affect it in any way. It would still function as if there was only one. However the effects from Laser Matrix and Archive of the Titans should behave and stack like similar traits, just not Reorigination Array.

Correct, Reorigination Array only works while you're in Uldir.

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