Patch 8.2 Hotfixes - July 31st, Eurogamer Classic Interview


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Jul 16, 2009
Patch 8.2 Hotfixes - July 31st, 2019
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker

Dungeons and Raids
  • Azshara’s Eternal Palace
    • Fixed an issue where Charged Spear could target victims of Devotion or Army of Azshara in all difficulties.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Queen Azshara to rapidly change which way she faced in Mythic difficulty.
  • Operation: Mechagon
    • Reduced the damage from Furnace Flames by 20%.
    • Throwing Robo-Waste into the furnace now removes all stacks of Noxious Stench.
    • Reduced the spawn time between Robo-Waste drops to 12 seconds (was 15 seconds).
    • Players were attempting to defeat K.U.-J.O. on Hard Mode difficulty with full stacks of Noxious Stench. The intention is that players should be cleaning up K.U.-J.O.'s Robo-Waste periodically. These changes are to encourage that behavior.

  • Reduced the damage players take from Scrap Trap in Mechagon.
  • Fixed an issue where using the Aqueous Reliquary or Focused Life Anima with enough items would sometimes fail to create an Essence.
  • Heart of Azeroth
    • Fixed an issue with Purification Protocol (Essence) that sometimes prevented players from gaining the damage bonus from the Rank 3 Major Slot effect.

Player versus Player
  • Items

  • Heroic Warfront: The Battle for Stromgarde” is no longer removed from the quest log when the Warfront is no longer active for the player.
  • Quests with objectives in Stormwind no longer direct players to Deeprun Tram from Ironforge.

Eurogamer WoW Classic Interview
Eurogamer sat down with lead software engineer Ryan Birmingham and senior software engineer Omar Gonzalez to discuss the nearing release of WoW Classic!

  • Classic Beta Server Shutdown Event
    • One of the live-ops producers came up with the idea to spawn Ragnaros in Stormwind during the beta.
    • They wanted to have some throwbacks to the original beta for WoW and that is why they did a lot of crazy things during beta for Classic.
    • One idea was also giving everyone Thunderfury as drops that they could pick up just before the beta went down.
  • Beta Feedback and Challenges
    • If a boss is three levels higher than you, it ignores your first 1% bonus to hit, so it's 8% chance to miss, and your first point of +1% chance to hit is totally ignored. This was an example of something from the original game that people forgot.
    • Some beta testers sat for hours over weekends punching turtles to generate thousands of combat log entries to help with an issue on crit percentage. They love the community devotion.
    • The team has a little internal pool going around the office for how long it will take for the first Ragnaros kill after launch.
    • The team was blown away by the passion shown from beta testers. They expected people to come in and try things for a small amount of time, but people were playing for long hours night after night even though they knew these characters were going to be wiped eventually.
    • The layering population thresholds were lower on the beta than for actual launch because they were testing the tech to make sure it was working correctly.
    • There have been a lot of changes that they had to undo so hunter gameplay was accurate to how it originally was - not just in combat mechanics but movement aesthetics and animation.
    • From now until launch, the team is focusing on addressing and correcting bugs found during the Beta, particularly the most impactful and obvious bugs.
  • Login Queues
    • The goal is to avoid having login queues on launch day. The team is making their best guesses for participation and making sure that they have plans in place for potential issues. If players exceed their expectations then there will be queues until they can fix something.
    • The team is better prepared to respond to the login queue situation than they were back in 2004. They expect queues to only be an issue on launch day if at all.
    • The team will have a "war-room" on launch day to address issues. The Classic Launch is similar to an expansion launch, except it will include new infrastructure that they typically don't do for an expansion.
    • Classic launch will include hardware deploys in all of the various regions - something they haven't done in almost 15 years.
    • Classic Launch will be "all hands on deck" and the whole WoW team is lending a hand.
  • Gold Farming and Botting Issues
    • The team has plans in place to address gold farming issues, particularly botting. They have better detection algorithms and techniques today than before, so they hope that will be sufficient to keep it under control.
  • Release Phases
    • There are now six phases post launch instead of four.
      • Phase 1 - Launch, Ragnaros and Onyxia will be available.
      • Phase 2 - Dire Maul and the PvP Honor System - you'll be able to kill people in the world during phase one but there won't be an Honor system tracking it.
      • Phase 3 - Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch Battlegrounds, Blackwing Lair.
      • Phase 4 - Arathi Basin Battleground, Zul'Gurub, and the green dragon world bosses.
      • Phase 5 - Ahn'Qiraj.
      • Phase 6 - Naxxramas.
    • They changed the phases because community feedback said four was too few, and there were distinct periods of time that they wanted to recapture.
      • For example, people were concerned that getting battleground reputation rewards too early would make it trivial to go through Molten Core and Onyxia.
  • The Future
    • The team is devoted to making WoW Classic as authentic of an experience as possible and are not ready to discuss the future quite yet.

Blizzard No Longer Manufactures Physical Authenticators
Blizzard clarified that they no longer manufacture physical authenticators, yet they still support them!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker
I’ve been searching all over the place, and I can’t see a place where it says that these have been discontinued. But the link to the store where they used to sell them is just a 404 now.

So, does Blizzard no longer provide hardware authentication? I’m starting to make the move away from phone apps and into authentication hardware like a yubikey.

We no longer manufacture, or offer physical authenticators. Sorry!

Wow…ok that is totally unexpected!

I still have mine. I assume it will be supported as long as the battery lasts. Is that the case? I really really dislike phone apps.

Yes, they’re still supported just no longer manufactured.

Goblin and Worgen Updated Model Preview
With the release of the 8.2.5 PTR happening very soon, we figured it would be a good time to remind people what was shown at Blizzcon 2018 for the Goblin and Worgen model updates. The pictures below were early views of what to expect, and the latest development notes also state that the animations were updated as well. In an interview around Blizzcon it was also stated that female Worgen would have glowing eyes as an option, and that these two races are the next to receive their heritage armor!

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