Patch 8.3 PTR - New World Bosses


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Jul 16, 2009
Patch 8.3 PTR - New World Bosses
Patch 8.3 adds two world bosses to the rotation, each dropping baseline item level 445 loot. You will find Grand Empress Shek'zara as the weekly boss in The Vale of Eternal Blossoms while it is being assaulted by Allies of N'Zoth, and Vuk'laz the Earthbreaker in Uldum while it is being assaulted by Allies of N'Zoth.

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Grand Empress Shek'zara
With the awakening of N'Zoth, Shek'zara, empress of the mantid, pledged her swarm to the old god's will. In service of her dark master, she unleashed her forces upon the Vale of Eternal Blossoms to claim Pandaria in N'Zoth's name.

  • Overview - Grand Empress Shek'zara uses her powerful voice and Zara'thik Swarmguard to overwhelm enemies.
  • Song of the Empress - Shek'zara chants the Song of the Empress, emitting sound waves that travel outwards from her.
    Players that come into contact with Song of the Empress are Silenced and suffer 4 Nature damage every 0.5 sec for 3 sec.
  • Force and Verve - Shek'zara shouts, inflicting 33 Nature damage every 1 sec for 6 sec.
    Players standing in a Sound Barrier take 70% reduced damage from Force and Verve.
    • Sound Barrier - Reduces damage dealt by Force and Verve by 70%.
  • Summon Swarmguard - Shek'zara summons her Zara'thik Swarmguard to aid her in battle.
    • Zara'thik Swarmguard -
      • Bladestorm - Charges to a player's location and spins a blade around the caster, inflicting 33 Physical damage to all nearby enemies every 1 sec.
    • Zara'thik Ambershaper -
      • Amber Bolt Volley - Fires bolts of hardened amber at all nearby enemies, inflicting 25 Nature damage.

LevelTypeSlotNameModel Viewer
445FingerFingerLoop of Abhorrent Celerity
445ClothHeadManiacal Speaker's Cover
445LeatherHeadGuise of the Voracious Prowler
445MailLegsGreaves of Shattered Thoughts
445PlateLegsChitinous Conqueror's Legplates

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Vuk'laz the Earthbreaker
Plumbing the forgotten depths of Azeroth, Prophet Skitra unearthed a devastating aqir known as Vuk'laz the Earthbreaker. Now freed from its subterranean slumber, Vuk'laz turns its destructive power against those who oppose N'Zoth.

  • Overview - Vuk'laz is a living weapon of war that attempts to overcome its enemies with devastating physical attacks. As the battle rages Vuk'laz summons scarabs to its aid from beneath the Writhing Sands.
  • Vuk'laz the Earthbreaker -
    • Tremor Wave - Vuk'laz unleashes a mighty tremor, knocking back all players in a 40 yard frontal cone and inflicting 50 Physical damage.
    • Writhing Sands - Vuk'laz summons a horde of Aqir scarabs from beneath the sands.
      • Aqir Scarab - Aqir Scarabs emerge from the sands to swarm and overwhelm players.
    • Razor Spines - Vuk'laz shoots razor sharp spines from its carapace, inflicting 30 Physical damage to all players within 0 yards.
    • Crushing Claws - Vuk'laz lashes out with both claws, inflicting 90 Physical damage to its current target.

LevelTypeSlotNameModel Viewer
445FingerFingerBand of Insidious Ruminations
445ClothLegsBreeches of Faithful Execution
445LeatherLegsGrotesque Mutilator's Leggings
445MailHeadPsyche Tormentor's Visage
445PlateHeadGreathelm of Indiscriminate Brutality

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