Shadowlands Launch Gearing Guide


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Jul 16, 2009
Shadowlands Launch Gearing Overview
Shadowlands has made a few changes to the gearing process, and so it may be confusing as to what is the best way to gear up at max level. Here is a summary of sources and item level for your first few weeks along with future content coming soon.

Available Now

SourceItem Level
Normal Dungeons158
Heroic Dungeons171
Mythic Dungeons184
Covenant Campaign Set (Based on Renown Rank)155
World Quests145+
Crafted Gear151 - 164
PvP Honor158 - 171
Faction Vendor (Reaching Honored - Exalted)164 - 200

Available Week 2

SourceItem Level
Rank 1 Legendary (Need 1250 Soul Ash)190
PvP Honor Upgrades (Renown Rank 7)177 - 184

Available From Season 1 Onward

SourceItem Level
Rank 2 Legendary (Need 2000 Soul Ash)210
Rank 3 Legendary (Need 3200 Soul Ash)225
Rank 4 Legendary (Need 5150 Soul Ash)235
Castle Nathria LFR187 (194 Last 2 Bosses)
Castle Nathria Normal200 (207 Last 2 Bosses)
Castle Nathria Heroic213 (220 Last 2 Bosses)
Castle Nathria Mythic (Week 4)226 (233 Last 2 Bosses)
PvP Honor Upgrades190 - 197
PvP Conquest190+
World Boss207
Mythic+ End Chest187 - 210
Great Vault200 - 226

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